Saturday, 21 November 2015


    Najib lembab membuat perbandingan antara kaca dan permata:
    There is a saying, befriend to the one who regards himself as your enemy. Be friendly to your enemy and politically explore it to your benefit. If Najib had applied his leadership values through cultural practice of diplomacy in comradeship and articulation, he won't be engulfed by this unprecedented mass.

    Najib should have personally look more insight of Muhyiddin's and act wisely with moral-rational values for his political judgment.

    It was reported that seven or more Umno members will be investigated under the created penal code of the president and the presidential men.

    The charge will be about their "disloyalty" to Umno in relation to "1MDB's scandal". In addition to that, their assumption of advisory words contrary to the president.

    Many believe the verdict is already minded. They are all assumed guilty of betraying the presidential Umno. In other words, they were first guilty until proven Innocent underlying by their meaning of "loyalty", the so-called derived from their collective and suspicious definition.

    Many wonder what would the Disciplinary Action Committee in obligation to do? Many also doubt the committee will act in a positive mannerism.

    However, if Muhyiddin is permitted to show cause before the committee, would the committee conducts the hearing without prejudices? Many doubt it too.

    Would the committee engaged into observing the ethical meaning of loyalty or disloyalty based on the victim past demonstration and commitment. Many doubts it. It be no surprise to many if yet it reaches the committee.

    Let's look into some of Muhyiddin's track records. The following events should be consciously mapped on record with regard to Muhyuddin's loyalty to his party by leadership.

    Najib was seemed stronger by virtue of him being number one among the three Vice Presidents of Umno then. He collected the highest number of votes. A potential marked for a deputy Prime Minister.

    However, the sentiment for Muhyiddin's durability as deputy was overwhelming.

    At that time Muhyiddin's political machineries were at its highest ability, subtly organized, connected and was ready for his disposal. He was a pragmatic and a signature chief, across the board the delegates were with him.

    Pak Lah had full consideration for Muhyiddin. Muhyiddin was a tested, abled matured and "dare to fail" leader.

    On record, he was abled to unite Umno Johor from the dismaying political episode. In spite of that, Johor economic growth was second to Selangor. He was a marked for Pak Lah's deputyship. Apparently, Tun's compelling self deputation for Najib overpowered Pak Lah's discretion.

    Regrettably, at one particular juncture, prior to Pak Lah's appointment as the Prime Minister, Muhyiddin signed up for his political blank check which spelt him out as a non ambitious politician. He abided by Pak Lah's, (the coming Prime Minister) prerogative whoever his deputy were. Further, he pledged not to contest for Umno deputy presidentship. His vow of loyalty holds and remains to this day.

    The reason was simply then, to maintain political stability and harmony in Umno. Power struggles in Umno had let Umno to disunite as shown in the past. Umno can't effort to go against each other through the craziness of power struggle.

    Muhyiddin dropped off his political gut and instincts to do that. What it meant, he offered his priceless and undivided loyalty to his party, Umno first.

    Integrity, honesty, rational values and morality are pivotal characteristics of good governance by leadership. The combination of all these is loyalty with integrity.

    Hope Najib and the First Lady have acquired those characteristics for the betterment of this beloved nation.


  1. What's new? Much have been said and written about the umno saga. Not much have been done for the rakyat. Too much drama, too much self inflicted damage to be contained, let alone cured. Only umno members are interested in the state of affair of the party. TSMY is no longer the subject of interest. So are the umno "elders".

  2. Anon 22:49

    Your last sentenced TSMY is no longer the subject of interest. So are the umno "elders".

    My advise to you dont underestimate and dont judge a book by its cover.

    If Najib try to be a hero, I bet you that Najib will become a begger and curse at all his stupid advisor forever.

    Najib is a stupid leader.

    1. Dear anon 08.14, what i meant with the sentence about TSMY and umno elders is that the rakyat are no longer interested in them, in umno, in what comes next with the party. There is not a need to judge, i.e, people dont care about umno anymore. Just look around and listen to the common people, the silence about umno and its leaders is very telling. People are fed up. I bet BN coalition parties, some of them, will jump ship soon.

  3. Salam Anonymous 08.14.
    I quiet agreed with the view of anon 22.49 as whether TSMY still relevant.
    I am not saying he is not...but only ponder whether he is still.

    This is based on the development that had happened months before he was sacked as DPM and his presence after that. For once.i would want to see him keeping up the pressure and mommentum in getting rid of this good for nothing President of the party... But I am truly disappointed that it's not happening.

    Though we could put the blame on the UMNO Supreme or the Branch Leaders...but he being the Deputy President appeared to have lost àll that 'stage presence'...thus making me to think that he is not relevant anymore.

    I am very sad to say this.....but tell us Anon 22.49 and me that we are wrong.

    Note: I was also disappointed with his somewhat slow and reactive response to all the wrongdoings of the President on issues related to 1MDB and was not at all open and direct in questioning the President thus making him an easy person to be dismissed although he is the Deputy. Or I could say that his approach was rather weak

  4. Or maybe, after so long, someone wants to break the tradition. During 'his way', there were only mainstream media to control. But now, there are cyber warriors which you cannot fully control that changes the political landscape.

    So maybe Najib is saying.."I do it my.....way" "

  5. Something amissed over Obama's visit this time around.....we are not seeing another 'selfie' between the two golfing buddies....errr Obama's advisers must have seen it as bad press if seen cudly-mingly with the record-holder as the highest and successful donation receiver where no one or nobody in this world can match for a very very long time! 2.6 Billion even if its RM is still bloody whole lot of dough!

    Also, 1MDB would be a very good case study where a failed business model made true, well, since the business plan is a failure in the first place as a brainchild from a faked and proven failed leader!

    So, Najib can forget about future-prospective speaking engagement to brag about his successful Rationalisation Plan of 1MDB which is not rationale when it was first setup according to JMD and, I tend to agree wholeheartedly!

  6. All is not well on the oppotoons side as well...all this while they have been sweeping all their shit under their carpet....!!!

    1. I beg to differ. The opposition allows inter party and intra-party issues to crop up, and they discuss them openly, most of the time if not all the time. The people know who stands for what on each issue. BN, on the other hand, is stuck in an archaic system, where things are not discussed openly for the sake of "unity and friendship" among coalition members. Now we have BN leaders who dont comment on the arab donor and 1MDB issues, because either they are not allowed to, or they have no idea what's going on, or both. And those who comment regularly dont seem convincing anyway.

    2. ....they discuss them openly...did they really practice that? The great Kajang Move was never archaic !!! Oops...sorry unity and friendship does not exist among the oppotoons coalition. Pity Khalid Ibrahim because he have no idea what's going on...untill someone tell him there's a knife on his back!!!

    3. So someone says the Opposition also shits and sweeps them under the carpet ? If that is the case how did you find out that there is shit under the carpet ? Well the obvious answer is that you wanted to hide your shit and decided to put it under the carpet and made the discovery. So that makes you equal to the Oppo-toons ! And don't say you don't shit because that means you are a plant !!

  7. It's simple. UMNO gawat. Opposition jauh lebih gawat. So Najib stays!

  8. Saya ingin melihat sifat keberanian Hang Jebat dalam arena politik UMNO sekarang ini. Tapi ..... mana dia Hang Jebat? Berani menyatakan kebenaran? TSMY? tak tahulah? apa salah aku? salahkah aku tanya? habis tu senyap. tak ada steam lagikah?

    Yang banyak Hang Tuah (muuaaahhhh) keliling PM ??? atau Hang Buah?

    Ada Hang Nadimkah dalam kalangan budak U sekarang? jangan jadi penakut. Nanti terbawa-bawa lutut terketar-ketar masa interview kerja nanti.

    Siapa kepala Si Kitol atau Mandaliar dalam negara ini? Sanggup hendak merobohkan benteng negara kita tercinta Malaysia. Hati-hati mereka ini.

    Tak jadi Hang Jebat jadi Hang Kebun jadilah!!!!

    Wahai anak-anak muda ... marilah pergi berkebun !!. Tanah kosong masih banyak. Hidupkan pertanian. Pertanian boleh buat duit. He. He.

  9. Mahnyudin ketika di menteri dia adalah menteri paling gagal
    Ada dua isu besar, aku minta jawapan sampai sekarang tak dijawab oleh mahyuddin Dan para pengikut dia belum termasuk isu lain

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    Jawapan aku minta agak kecewakan aku ini
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    Perkara inilah merosakan umno itu

  10. Jawapan aku takkan tulis bahasa inggris sebab ini cara melayu berfikir.
    Jawapan mudah je mahnyudin dibuang disebab dia gagal simpan rahsia umno Dan prisiden dia tak layak jadi sebagai pemegang amanah

    Adakah presiden dan tunku nak memilih orang yg tak tahu simpan rahsia umno itu sila jawab?