The law firm acting for Rosmah Mansor today confirmed the Affin Bank account which allegedly received RM2 million in cash deposit as reported by Sarawak Report, belonged to the prime minister's wife.

However, the law firm said the leak of the account's information is in violation of the Financial Services Act 2013 and therefore demanded action by Bank Negara Malaysia.

"Protection on information and secrecy and restrictions on inquiring specifically into the affairs of particular customer are also provided for under the same Act," said Messrs Noorhajran Mohd Noor in a statement tonight.

"In an apparent breach of the Bank's function and in view of my client's profile on the national and international level, it is hoped that BNM to immediate and/or within 72 hours conduct a probe and issue its findings into the offensive unauthorised disclosure on the part of the said Bank," it added.

In confirming the account belonged to Rosmah (photo), the law firm said it was set up during her days as an employee.

"The bank account referred to in the above report is a personal account of my client.

"It was opened in 1984 whilst my client was in employment with Island & Peninsular Sdn Bhd (now known as I&P Group Sdn Bhd) for convenience," it said.

No mention of defamation

The law firm also accused Sarawak Report of making "inferences" against Rosmah and called for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to act.

"The Sarawak Report in the inferences made against my client has conducted itself in the most irresponsible and blatant misrepresentation of its statements with malicious intent to discredit and defame, to reduce the credibility and integrity of my client, being the wife of the prime minister of Malaysia.

"In view of the serious inferences made against Rosmah Mansor, MCMC is urged to consider (action) and (if) deemed appropriate should the content be proven to be offensive and in breach of Malaysian law, take the necessary action pursuant to the MCMC Act 1998," it said.

Even though the law firm claimed Sarawak Report's "inferences" had malicious intent to defame Rosmah, it made no mention of any defamation suit.