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Refusal to accept could paralysed democratic reform
safiai saad29 April 2014 18:05
Well,I did listen to life press conference pertaining to Anuar legal proceeding.I think Obama as a law professor teaching at harvard would have known the fact that the rule of law and independent judiciary is the corner stone of civilised democratic country.
Any dispute between citizen ( read Anuar and Saiful) have to be decided and settle by the court of competent jurisdiction.Any thing that can be seen to be causing injustice will be observed by ordinary citizen.
In the case of Anuar and saiful,justice must only be done but must be seen to done.
After this episode that will be decided by the apex court (reads federal court) all the citizen must be prepared to accept the decision. Refusal to accept could paralysed democratic reform which all the citizen and our founding father has undertaken to build this nation of ours.
Lets move forward with new frontiers.

Apabila seorang wartawan Australia bertanya  kepada Presiden Amerika Syarikat  Obama tentang ketidakadilan Malaysia terhadap Ketua Pembangkang   Anwar Ibrahim termasuk dalam soal kes liwatnya  maka tentunya Anwar  melompat  dengan kegembiraan.

Tetapi bagaimanapun jawapan Obama dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib dalam sidang akhbar bersama yang disiarkan secara langsung ke seluruh dunia telah menyebabkan kegembiraan itu terhenti tiba tiba, Anwar jatuh tertunduk malu, kecewa dan marah kerana  pertanyaan itu telah memberi peluang kepada Najib untuk memberitahu hal yang sebenarnya.

Lebih menyakitkan hatinya ialah apabila Obama menyatakan keyakinan kepada Najib sebagai seorang Refomer.

Najib menjelaskan bukan kerajaan Malaysia  yang mengambil tindakan terhadap Anwar Ibrahim tetapi tindakan itu diambil oleh  bekas kakitanganya sediri dan kerajaan Malaysia yang mengamalkan demokrasi dan menghormati hak asasi manusia tidak berhak untuk menyekatnya dan membiarkan proses keadilan berlaku  dan menyerahkan kepada keputusan mahkamah.

Jawapan Obama selain dari menerima Najib sebagai seorang Reformer  telah menyatakan keyakinan bahawa Najib akan dapat memperbaiki  lagi  kekurangan kekurangan perjalanan demokrasi dan hak asasi manusia di Malaysia.

Oleh kerana sidang akhbar itu disiarkan secara langsung keseluruh  dunia setelah pertemuan yang mengambil masa lebih lama dari yang dijadualkan  antara kedua pemimpin negara besar dan kecil itu yang menunjukan minat dan keyakinan  Obama kepada Najib maka tidak syak lagi jawapan mereka kepada pertanyaan wartawan Australia itu  telah  mencedera parahkan imej Anwar ke taraf  yang sangat rendah.

Hasrat wartawan itu hendak membangkitkan  pembelaaan  bekas Naib Presiden Amerika Al Gore terhadap Anwar Ibrahim dalam lawatannya  dahulu, ternyata salah perhetongan  sebaliknya menyerlahkan kesopanan dan penghormatan Obama   kepada rakyat Malaysia berbanding dengan sikap biadap Al Gore terhadap  rakyat Malaysia yang  meninggalkan sejarah hitam dalam   hubungan Malaysia dengan Amerika Syarikat.

Lawatan  Obama  yang  jelas menampakan kerianganya   selama berada di Malaysia dan kemesraannya dengan Datuk Seri Najib telah  membina semula  kerosakan hubungan antara Malaysia dan Amerika Syarikat yang dilakukan  oleh Al Gore.


By  Azmi Anshar NST
IF there was the slightest doubt that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, it should be erased after hearing the self-serving rant sermonise before a supplicant crowd at the so-called May Day rally to protest next year's imposition of the much-needed Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Instead of explaining in minute detail how GST devalues the country's economic upkeep, for which to pique businesses, entrepreneurs, financiers, tax consultants and economists, Anwar could not have addressed the GST issue in far vaguer terms.

And, they call it an anti-GST protest? There was no real articulation that GST would erode the economy, unable to plug gaps and leaks or avoid turning current costs of living into a ballistic nightmare, merely cliched rhetoric.

There was nothing constructive the pro-GST crowd could have learnt from Anwar's destructive histrionics. It was all about him, his sodomy conviction, his "virtuous" struggle, his grudges against enemies and, get this: an opportunistic sermon that God is on "our side" and "we have the power of the people".
"To the ministers striving to jail me, you think I am afraid? I have two strengths... my prayers to Allah and the people's rise..."

That's Anwar's arguments for protesting GST? Anwar and, perhaps, the majority of the crowd have little inkling on how GST works: never have and never will, even with his (dubious) credentials as a former finance minister and economic adviser to the Selangor government.

But, that's the point. Ever since he turned GST, or any other worthwhile national endeavour, into a conundrum of mass confusion that might buttress his sagging political survival made tenuous by his defying belligerence before he goes to jail to serve his conviction of sexually abusing his male underling.

Anwar might have sensed it, and so did his people, that his sphere of influence is deteriorating, not so much from his inane criminal cases, but from his inability to talk straight and sense. It is no wonder PKR is mired in sorties of internal, electoral and personal dysfunctionalism.

Anyway, it is unsurprising that Anwar finally invoked God after tactics to vindicate himself, from accusations of political conspiracies to judicial connivance, failed to "raise the wet thread" of which he infamously re-constructed.

That's natural: how often we witness Muslims hauled to court for serious transgressions don the skull cap or tudung to present a facade of subservient piousness and humility before they are slapped with the prison conviction they deserve.

Anwar is no better: he claws into his demagogic gab on the bully pulpit to do the same, but unlike those transgressors with zero political clout, Anwar flashes the "messianic zeal" of his flawed personality to unimaginably far reaches.

Perhaps, the only messianic message that could prove to be true is his contempt against his imminent imprisonment, which he claimed to "not care". There might be empirical evidence that an Anwar ranting from jail is more effective than an Anwar railing on the street.

After he was imprisoned for power abuse in his attempt to cover up his first sodomy rap, Anwar's cult following galvanised into a political juggernaut, that even DAP and Pas could not ignore the way they were blase at previous attempts at a cohesive opposition that could rattle Barisan Nasional.
The government would have given anything to avoid trying Anwar in court, if not for that 2008 police report accusing him of sexual abuse that would land him in prison.

The logic is compelling: it's hard to deal with an already uncontrollable monster, further emboldened by thousands of supplicants prepared to do his bidding, no matter how schizophrenic, chameleonic and contrived he becomes or how many U-turns he commits with a straight face that fulminates all those bogus claims.

Note that Anwar also invoked the people's rebellion, that they have "shocked" the government with the anti-GST rally, which he claimed was a "clear message" that the people are against GST.

Except that Anwar could easily substitute "GST" with any cynicism or flavour of the moment, electoral reforms, pseudo-Arab Spring, imaginary government abuses, ridiculous cable TV programming or lousy prison food... anything, as long as the outcome props him up higher than his narcissistic vainglories would allow.

Anwar's commitments to these dubious causes is designed to make him look "prime ministerial", but is detestable to the general conservative public, who counts more than his legion of rebels, in spite of their fleeting "popular vote" numbers.

Anwar will forever not lose the plot, primarily because he never grasped it in the first place, continuing to tread into deadly political landmines because he is deluded into thinking that he is the "political messiah", not the inerrant narcissistic personality that we all have to tediously stomach.


  1. Obama anggap Najib sebagai Reformer. Artinya Reformasi Anwar Ibrahim sudah masuk longkang.

    1. I agree with you. Annuar is gonna.

    2. Anuwar bole bangkang dari longkang

  2. Hasiq Putrajaya27 April 2014 at 17:28

    Pastinya wartawan Australia yang membuat pertanyaan dengan tujuan untuk membela Anwar dan juga memburukan kerajaan Malaysia meanggap pemimpin Malaysia bodoh tetapi Najib buktikan kepadanya dia adalah wartawan yang ketinggalan zaman yang masih berada dalam zaman Al Gore tetapi dia berhadapan dengan Obama. . Macam Anwar juga yang masih ingat orang suka dia.

  3. Pastinya sekarang Anwar sedang mengerahkan cyber troopernya dan juga Malaysiakini dan Malaysian Insider supaya membantu mengawal kerosakan yang berlaku keatasnya akibat sidang akhbar Najib Obama.

  4. Sesiapapun yang menonton sidang akhbar Datuk Seri Najib dan Obama akan dapat membayangkan bagaimanakah seorang pelakon jalanan akan dapat menunjukan lakonannya kepada umum jika dia jadi PM Malaysia .Nilai dirinya sebenar telah dapat kita lihat sejak dia terkeluar dari kerajaan terutamanya tentang pengetahuannya dalam bidang bidang ekonomi.
    Kaliber Najib tidak jauh dari Obama dan tambah menyerlahkan jauhnya kualiti pelakon jalanan.Dia tidak ada dirinya yang sebenar kecuali lakonan.

  5. Pastinya seronok bukan, Malaysia sudah menjadi sekutu Amerika yang juga proksi Israel yang mendera umat Islam di timur tengah. Kali ini Amerika jadi baik kerana Najib telah jadi refomer dan menolak Anwar. Sangat bangga Zam dengan Amerika sekarang.

    1. Anwar hanya berguna kepada Amerika Syarikat ketika dia diperlukan untuk diperalatkan untuk menjatuhkan Mahathir yang anti Yahudi dan suara kuat dunia ketiga dan penentang kekejaman Amerika terhadap Iraq dan ketidakadilan dalam dasar ekonominya tetapi banyak perubahan yang
      berlaku di bawah Obama terutama sikapnya terhadap Islam yang juga memerlukan perubahan sikap Malaysia.
      Najib telah membawa perubahan perubahan dalam hubungan dengan Amerika kerna menyedari bahawa sekiranya ini tidak dilakukan maka sokongan US dan Yahudi kepada Anwar Ibrahim dan kelompoknya akan bertambah kuat malah tidak mungkin apa yang dilakukannnya terhadap Iraq Libya dan juga Syria boleh dilakukan dengan memperalatkan ejen ejennya untuk menimbulkan kekacauan dan mencetuskan keadaan yang menampakan Malaysia menindas demokrasi dan dengan itu menjustifikasikan campurtangan US.
      Maka itu Najib tidak terseret dalam permainan politik Anwar Ibrahim sehingga telah menyedarkan Amerika dan dunia Barat bahawa dia tidak lebih dari pelakon jalanan malah dalam keadaan sekarang mengharapkan belas kasihan dari Yahudi dan kawan kawan lamanya di US.

      Saudara jangan melihat masalah ini dengan sentimen tetapi dengan kewarasan supaya kita dapat melihat dan memileh antara alat murahan dengan kepimpinan yang berwibawa dan disegani, antara yang suka berhadapan dengan yang suka bermain dibelakang atau berselindong.

      Saya berbangga dengan Najib kerana beliau tidak menjatuhkan maruah yang telah diangkat dan dibina oleh Mahathir tetapi menyesoikan dasar negara dengan keperluan globalisasi.

    2. Kata kata yang sering diualang: Tidak ada kawan dan musuh yang kekal dalam politik tetapi yang kekal adalah kepentingan diri.
      Sekarang orang Melayu membenci Anwar,dunia mengetahui pembohongannya dan yang tinggal adalah orang Cina yang mahu mengekalkan hubungan dengannya dan menyokong kerana kepentingan mereka untuk mendapat taraf yang sama dengan orang Melayu.

    3. Hello Anon 19.15. - Anwar meroyan nak jumpa Obama tu pehal pulak?

    4. Bro ANON 19.15
      Kalau ada teloq letak nama
      Jgn jadi jantan x ada peliaq
      Penakut hangit

      Mat UMNO BTHO

  6. Karisma PM kita amat menyerlah.Saya bangga kita ada seorg PM yg tegas dan berprinsip.

  7. annuar ibrahim is a fu.. up guy as far as I am concern. economy is a word to him but not the knowledge what it really means. he is a good actor and a fuc...too.

  8. Well, the sour grapes over Obama's refusal to meet Anwar are coming through now.

    "The Missing Pivot to Democracy — Nurul Izzah Anwar"

    "Open letter to the President of the United States ― Tony Pua"

    It must be a shock to these opposition MPs that the U.S. under Obama does not regard them as important to U.S. strategic interests anymore.

    However, don't cheer just yet, as that could change with the next president to follow Obama, who most probably would be a Republican.

    Also, whilst Obama may have observed protocol during his state visit and refuse to meet Anwar, the U.S. under him could still support Anwar behind the scenes.

    1. Ya ya ya.. maybe you should read this on Tony Pua's

    2. Thanks, Big Dog raised some valid points about Pua and the DAP.

      Here Selangor residents, including myself are suffering water rationing thanks to Khalid's stubborness and stupidity but Anwar not being able to meet with Obama this time seems to be a bigger priority for them.

  9. Negara negara besar tentunya mengkaji perwatakan sesaorang pemimpin yang mahu dijadikan alatnya,umpamanya kesukaannya,hobynya malah sampai kepada makanan yang disukainya.
    Anwar Ibrahim diketahui seorang yang gila hendak menjadi PM Malaysia maka itu beliau dijadikan alat untuk menjatuhkan Mahatir.Maka itu untuk sekian lama beliau menjadi VVIP kepada Amerika Syarikat. Mahathir tidak pernah menjadi alat mana mana negarapun tetapi adalah salah jika Anwar dianggap sebagai Anti US. Dia menjadi alat sebelum dan sesudah menjadi pembangkang.

  10. Rahim Sg Petani28 April 2014 at 06:03

    Alangkah cemburunya,sakit hatinya,bertambah kecewa perasaannnya apabila melihat performance Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri dalam meraikan lawatan Presiden Obama ke Malaysia.

    Dalam hatinya dia berkata: jikalah aku menjadi Perdana Menteri tentulah aku akan dapat menunjukan lakonan yang lebih hebat,bahasa Inggeris aku pun tentu lebih baik dari Najib sedangkan aku bercakap Arab pun macam Arab tetapi sayang aku hanya menjadi PM di jalanan. Oh Tuhan apalah sial nasibku. Oh Tuhan inilah yang dikatakan oleh orang tua tua,sial jika main pungkok tetapi kenaapa sial pula aku main depan dan belakang.
    Oh Tuhan ampunilah dosaku. Aku nak jadi perdana menteri.aku tak mahu setakat jadi ejen sahaja,hantarlah aku Al Gore. Amin.

  11. Anwar diaibkan bukan sahaja di depan obama tetapi secara langsung di seluruh dunia.najib amat cemerlang mengatakan keadilan di msia bukan utk orang besar saja tetapi juga utk org kerdil.US sendiri pernah melaluinya iaitu antara clinton dan lewinsky.hillary juga spt wan azizah yg 'taksub' pd suami demi kuasa.hillary berangan nak jd presiden US wan azizah dah pun jd presiden pkr mungkin bakal mentri besar selangor.

  12. Wartawan Australia ni nak mengajar kita tentang keadilan. Bercakap seolah-olah negara kita diperintah oleh seorang despot. Macamlah negara dia perfect. Orang putih tak sedar diri. Nak tanya sikit, hak-hak penduduk asal Australia, golongan peribumi mereka macamana keadaannya sekarang? Bagaimana dengan dengan sejarah tanah dan wilayah mereka yang di rampas sebelum ini? Adakah kerajaan mereka telah melakukan usaha untuk meperbetulkan kesilapan lampau?
    Mereka lupa sejarah penubuhan Australia dipenuhi dengan ketidak adilan, kekerasan, kezaliman dan ketidak perikemanusiaan. Mereka ingat kita tidak tahu sejarah asal-usul Australia. Bagaimana penduduk asal peribumi Australia telah di halau keluar dari tempat tinggal mereka. Tanah mereka di rampas. Hak-hak dan keistimewaan mereka dinafikan. Anak-anak penduduk peribumi dirampas dari keluarga mereka untuk diserahakan kepada keluarga angkat dalam usaha mereka untuk mengasimilasi 'the younger generation' ke dalam 'mainstream Australia'. Ini juga merupakan salah satu cara golongan kulit putih penjajah untuk melenyapkan budaya, bahasa, dan ketamadunan asal negara Australia dan diganti dengan peradaban baru Barat. Mereka ini sekaran g dikenali sebaga 'the stolen generation'. Mereka ini sekarang di tempatkan di tanah-tanah simpanan (reservations) dalam keadaan nasib yang tidak terbela dan sosio ekonomi yang amat menyedihkan. Sebelum wartawan mat saleh tu sibuk nak betulkan negara orang, baik dia betulkan negara dia dia dulu.

  13. Anuar.....who?...the rest is history.

  14. Knowing Australia journalist long time before, its well known facts how blatantly their unethical conducts and reporting to ensure the false becoming the truth and the truth being covered with falsified facts. Knowing most Australian people which are known to be very barbaric and cynical bitch, it is not surprise such idiotic questions or even remarks without serious justifications could be uttered even at the time the nation was at the reception of the powerful president in the world. Who is this Australian journalist and becoming a snobbish-hob hero at this time? Did they ever learn the lesson as people from the 'land of convict', the description given by Tun Dr Mahathir at the time when Malaysia hanged 2 Australians for their drug offences after that former Australian PM, Bob Hawk described the hanging of them as 'barbaric'. Let me asked them, how are the Australian whites treated their own aborigines? History will never forget how bad and cruel they are and until now the cruelness of their treatments are never faded. Go and interview your own aborigines and see how your government of the pasts and presents have been treating them. Interestingly, this idiotic Australian journalists have been behaving like a 'master' of their own in other people countries in the name of democracy. Real idiot. Not only that they are behaving like a 'monkey from the jungle' to dictate country like Malaysia, but also reflecting their 'monkeyness behaviour' when given the chance to be in this country. It seems history never taught those Australian journalists lesson that they are supposedly to learn seriously? Maybe this is the traits of the people from the 'convict land'. Talk with no sense of value and respect even as a guest in this country. Idiots.

    Tun Mai Ulat Gonggok

    1. wah...marah betul namaknya adik aku ni......anyhow..they deserve your bashing.....

      Tun Mai Ulat Bulu

  15. Banyak juga Blog Pakatan mengulas isu Obama tidak mahu bertemu Anwar. Kebanyakannya memetik ungkapan ' bukan tidak peduli ' Obama sebagai tanda Obama sebenarnya mengambil berat tentang Anwar. Ini seni berfikir orang Pakatan yang menyebabkan mereka begitu mudah ditipu. Mengapa mereka tidak terus melihat peristiwa ' Obama tidak berjumpa Anwar ' sebagai petanda betapa Anwar sebenarnya bukan sesiapa atau tiada apa apa..

    1. Mat Sapu Kuala Kedah29 April 2014 at 05:53

      Kelakuan dan kepuasan mereka sama seperti ketua mereka. Tak dapat depan belakang pun jadilah , tak dapat P dapat Pungkok pun jadilah Maka itu bila Obama bagi pungkok maka pungkok pun berguna juga,sedap juga bagi mereka..

    2. Mereka hanya boleh yakinkan diri mereka sendiri tetapi kepada umum Anwar sudah tak laku lagi.Lawatan Obama dan sikap yang ditunjukan kepada Najib dan Malaysia adalah membuktikan bahawa Anwar has been abandon by Amerika Syarikat.Bagaimanapun Al Gore akan bantunya.

  16. Well,I did liste to life press conference pertaining to Anuar legal proceeding.I think Obama as a law professor teaching at harvard would have known the fact that the rule of law and independent judiciary is the corner stone of civilised democratic country.
    Any dispute between citizen ( read Anuar and Saiful) have to be decided and settle by the court of competent jurisdiction.Any thing that can be seen to be causing injustice will be observed by ordinary citizen.
    In the case of Anuar and saiful,justince must only be done but must be seen to done.
    After this episode that will be decided by the apex court (reads federal court) all the citizen must be prepared to accept the decision. Refusal to accept could paralysed democratic reform which all the citizen and our founding father has undertaken to build this nation of ours.
    Lets move forward with new frontiers.

  17. Mari kita bersama sama menyertai perhimpunan membantah hukuman salah berliwat terhadap Anwar Ibrahim sempena 1 Mei di Dataran Merdeka esuk. Perhimpunan juga untuk membantah sikap angkuh Presiden Obama tidak mengadap Anwar sebagai Ketua Pembangkang yang paling hebat di Malaysia.