Monday, 17 February 2014



It's DAP that should be banished from Sarawak. DAP's politicians of today are made up of mostly Evangelist Christians. Like in Singapore these Evangelist are 'money making machine'. Some of its religious gurus had wife living lavishly in Hollywood as celebrities.

I hope the Pribumis in Sarawak are more aware so that what happen in Africa does not befall them. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, once said;

"When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said; 'Lets us pray'. We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible, they had the land".

I hope Sarawak's Pribumis can take good care of their Timberland.RD


  1. tapi Taib tak suka umno sb katanya rasis. tp dap rasis dia benarkan pulak masuk sarawak. pemimpin melayu mana2 sama je.

    1. FYI Taib tak kata begitu. Malaysian Insider sengaja menulis yg tak benar.Bukankah Taib pergi jumpa Najib di Putra Jaya memaklumkan perletakan jawatan KM??Kalau Taib kata UMNO rasis masuk akalkah dia jumpa "ketua rasis UMNO"? Tak lah benar hasutan Malaysian Insider.

      Dap dah masuk Sarawak sebelum Taib jadi KM lagi.Di era pemerintahan Rahman Yakub Dap dah bertapak di Sarawak. Masih ingat dgn kepala Dap bernama Sim Kuan..Yang? lupa nama pulak.Maklumlah dah lama.Tak kira pun Dap memang rasis melampau.Kalau UMNO mahu berkongsi dgn MCA dan MIC,Dap sebenarnya tak mau berkongsi kuasa dgn gang nya.Lihat saja P.Pinang.Mana ada suara Melayu dan India dlm PR.Semua tokong GE bolot.

  2. Sarawakian already raped by BN since independence. "Some of its religious gurus had wife living lavishly in Hollywood as celebrities." The BN crooks are even worse they are billionaires at the expense of raping the Sarawakian resources. The Pribumis are already suffered like those African, they bring in religion and covert them and in exchange, the BN robbed their land and resources.

    1. Anon 09:26.

      Sarawak was governed by Sarawakians, elected again and again by the majority, through legitimate democratic process. If your grandfathers had not opted to joined the Federation through a referendum, Indonesians would have gladly welcomed them with open arms. Those Indonesians living along your borders would surely loved to share the riches you currently enjoyed, too.

      Anyway, I’m against UMNO entering Sarawak, if only the Bumiputeras are against it.

      Although not registered as member, I used to be a great supporter of BN/UMNO during the time of Dr.M, but not anymore during the time of Pak Lah. The last straw that broke my back was the recent UMNO election when those tainted with corruption are still chosen by the delegates. More so when Najib had not reshuffled his cabinet, instead brought back those 'old horses' to run his stable.

      I abhor the Pakatan politicians because they’re hypocrites and are mostly made-up of liars and not honest with the rakyat. They’re deceitful and like to twist facts. They have a habit of putting all blame on others, even when it’s their own doing. Let me give you some example.

      1). Anwar was found guilty, abusing the power invested in him as DPM by instructing the Police to arrest Ummi Hafilda, yet he claimed it was a conspiracy by the government to ruined his political ambition.
      2). Lim Guan Eng was jailed for sedition and maliciously publishing false news, yet claimed ‘he went to jail for a Malay girl’.
      3). There is a tussle for the MB post in Selangor by PKR leaders. They then abused the democratic process in Kajang, enabling Anwar to grasp that post, but Rafizi claimed that the Kajang maneuver was to prevent UMNO from toppling PR state government. What a farce.
      4). Claimed that 40,000 Bangladeshis came to vote for BN in GE13. That ‘blackout’, too.
      5). Tian Chua photoshop job on Najib having dinner with Altantuya and Razak Baginda.
      6). Lie on Rosmah RM24 Million ring. (She was even accused of murdering Altantuya). Note: I’m not implying Rosmah is good for the country, though.
      7). Karpal accused Anwar a Peliwat in Parliament 1997 when the latter was BN’s DPM. Mat Sabu even called him Al-Juburi then. When he was expelled, Karpal defended him in Sodomy II, instead. When in UMNO, they even accused him of corruption, but now he is their ‘AnuGerah Tuhan’, squeaky ‘clean’ as an angel. Don’t you find that amusing?
      8). In the DAP’s CEC, when their 753 Indians members who was denied voting, reported to the ROS, they blamed the ROS as a stooge of UMNO.
      9). The Sulus invasion in Lahat Datu was even claimed as ‘sandiwara UMNO’ by Tian Chua.

      (To be continued)

    2. (Continue)

      10). In the past DAP’s politicians are somewhat honest when they refused to put on the songkok in Dewan Rakyat or the Rulers’ ceremonial function. Now after most of them are Evangelist, on their own accord they donned the songkok and baju-kurung to dupe the Malay electorate, just like Lee Kuan Yew once did, to win election. That’s the only baju-kurung they have, since we saw them wearing the same dress, every time. These Evangelist sure have something up their sleeves. If you are a Bumiputera Christian, please be aware. I honestly have nothing against the Christians. If you want to use Allah in Sarawak, so be it, but not in Peninsular.

      DAP, once a racist secular party, defiantly against the idea of Malaysia becoming an Islamic state. While PAS, once sworn enemy with DAP, is an extreme dogmatic Islamic Party, bend on implementing the strict Syariah Laws. Their political ideologies are totally incompatible, yet they now climbed up the stage, hold each other hands in the air to dupe the Rakyat that they are fighting for them, or is it for themselves. In actual fact, Pakatan is not even registered like BN. They even went to the polls on their owns colors. In GE13, they even contested against each other. The PAS president even accused a PKR candidate as ‘Pill Kuda’ pusher. They can’t even decide, who should hold what portfolio, incase they win the General Election. What opposition does not have a ‘shadow Cabinet?

      Once Pakatan gets to rule, our country will surely go to the dogs. Politicking will served as ‘food’ for daily consumption. The country will have ‘by-election’ on a monthly basis. Political defection or ‘lompat katak’ is the order of the day. Who is the champion of ‘lompat katak’? Yes an ex-convict, who yearns to be the PM. I will not be surprised if our country will be divided to suit the ideology of DAP & PAS, then disintegrate like Yugoslavia.

  3. In Semenanjung too. Dap and Pkr are troublemakers.

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  5. kepada mae..aku dah cek member aku kat sarawak, reporter, taib tak pernah keluarkan statment macam itu....menghairankan dia kata, mesyuarat tertutup, susah nak dapatkan maklumat dia kata, tiba-tiba je portal tu keluarkan berita macam itu, ini pun dah disahkan oleh YB Nancy dalam berita dan beberapa menteri sarawak yang lain.

    UMNO tak boleh masuk sarawak kerana dia akan memecah belahkan masyarakat Melayu itu sendiri dan Bumiputra sendiri, PBB sekarang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum di Sarawak, bernaung di bawah parti yang sama, Perpecahan akan menghakis dan memecah belahkan orang Bumiputra

  6. to Anonymous 09.46

    jangan buat fitnah, orang sarawak belum lagi hidup macam orang Africa, dah lah sarawak dahulu, walaupun aku orang semenanjung yang dah lama hidup di sarawak. aku berani katakan jauh perbezaan semenjak 15 tahun lalu aku datang ke Bumi Sarawak,

    Di Bintulu, Gereja dan Masjid bersebelahan, ceramah kat Masjid tidak ada unsur politik macam di semenanjung sekarang, merimaskan aku, orang berlainan bangsa boleh duduk dan berbual seperti biasa, mereka ini mesra ...aku bangga duduk di Sarawak

    Agama diamalkan bebas disini, tiada sapa paksa tukar agama, Isu kalimah Allah tidak menjadi masalah, ada yang tukar agama bukan dipaksa, tetapi kerana kerelaan hati sendiri, jadi bro jangan buat fitnah. Kahwin campur banyak disini, orang semenanjung sendiri pun ramai yang kahwin orang Bidayuh dan Iban.

    kau pastikah PKR di Selangor tak merompak wang rakyat, baru 2 penggal memerintah macam2 berlaku

    1. Amat setuju dgn sdr.

      Anon 09.46 tu hanya merepak.(Archbishop Tutu,walaupun seorg besar dlm clergy gerejanya, dah bosan dgn gereja sendiri.Maka beliau mengeluh dgn kata2 tersebut.)Pendakwah Islam ke Sarawak tak ikut cara pendakyah Bible.Jgn dengar sangat tentang kebodohan Anon 09.46.

  7. It is "a comedy" that DAP is trying very hard to shove. I guess we are equally blind and deaf, if we do not realise the " intentions" of these people will and is breaking up the harmony that we have enjoy over the past 50 years. The people of Sarawak would be wise to reject the disharmony