Tuesday, 3 September 2013



Not sure if you folks have noticed but there has been a shift in the Star’s editorial direction post-GE.

Previously the DAP propaganda has been conducted by the low level reporters-cum Dapsters sneaking in stories about their dear leaders, pass the sleeping editors.

However post-GE, the editorial policy has changed. The stories appearing on the front page are anti-BN/pro-DAP. DAP /PR leaders are now columnists while BN leaders have been sidelined. It is seems that the Star has been “dapsterised”.

Personally I don’t have a problem with critical stories on BN as long as it is in the interests of people or the nation. However some of these stories are downright spins and misinterpretation of the truth – in the tradition established by the likes of MI and Mkini.

For example, the way they played up Altantunya verdict or reported that a 100-year old temple has been “demolished” or how Jonker Walk was “closed” clearly shows that Dapsters are firmly in driver’s seat now and that the rocket indeed landed in the star. With friends like the Star, BN needs no enemies. Also notice how the Star reported LGE’s attempt to ban Tanda Putera.

I think the previous attempt to promote DAP was political and after the 13GE, the Star bosses probably realised that it makes commercial sense too since more than 88% Chinese support PR.

The Edge, Focus, the Star, Malay Mail are all now sleeping with the enemies. Only the NST is bravely fighting a lonely battle for BN. Pakatan has the social media in its hands and now with most of MSM in its pocket, the prospects for BN in 14GE looks gloomy.


  1. R.I.P UMNO. Najib masih tidoq

  2. MCA is changing its role from being just a BN component to a social activist.

  3. Najib never woke up after the GE,yes R.I.P.Barisan whatever left of

  4. TSZam, you are correct. Najib and the rest of the Cabinet syok sendiri except for a few. Hope UMNO members remove him before things get worst.

  5. Pak Zam.. tak adakah caranya untuk menyampaikan suara hati kami kepada DS Najib? Kenapa beliau seakan membutakan mata dan hatinya? Hina sangatkah suara hati melayu yang setia mengundi UMNO? Mulia sangatkah cina sehinggakan mereka yang terang-terang menolak sibuk nak diumpan dengan tanglung free sempena Perayaan Kuih Bulan? Penasihat dari Media Prima tak elok untuk DSN dan sekali lagi, simpan sahaja Rosmah di rumah! Sejak bila Rosmah merupakan sebahagian dari PMO hingga ada kakitangan sendiri, blog di bawah payung PMO sendiri? Satu ketika wujud FLOM Division, yang saya percaya masih lagi wujud, cuma pergerakannya di'invisible'kan. Benda-benda sebegini nampak kecil, seperti tak penting, tetapi rakyat memerhatikan mereka Pak Zam. Saya tak menyesal mengundi UMNO, cuma saya agak jengkel bila undi saya dipersiakan DS Najib.

  6. Bodoh nak beri percuma kuih bulan.

  7. Remove Najib...but who's so capable now of doing a 'better' job?Remove his advisers? Maybe its time to be seen giving to the Malays; pre-GE13 Najib was seen everywhere giving and giving to the chinese. Now post-GE13, better start giving and giving to the Malays pulak. They deserve it because they supported UMNO/BN.