Monday, 17 June 2013



The Group Chief Editor of The Star, Datuk Wong Chun Wai has called on the government to not penalise those who did not vote for the ruling party in the 13th general election.

In  his article in The Sunday Star yesterday, he said “Malaysians have made their choices. The victors have plenty of work to do and the least of their concern should be to talk about punishing those who did not vote for them.

“It is the people’s right to vote for anyone or any party. A general election is any party is about the right to choose.

“No one should be made to feel pressured or threatened, in any way, simply because they did not vote for the winning ruling party,” he said.

 It is not a surprise of The Star did not show its commitment to MCA since the 2008 Tsunami , compared with the attitude shown by Utusan Malaysia.

Have you ever read any feature written by Wong Chun Wai, the Group Editor of the The Star  and also that of Group Editor II Leanne L.Y. Goh  and its managing director criticizing DAP or the opposition pact.

The task of facing the English readers is much left to the pro-government bloggers.

What is the purpose of MCA owning The Star ? For political interest or solely for business interest. More damage is done by The Starto MCA than building its image.

As a former journalist, I clearly understand the game, subtly or directly. Full of hypocrisy and dishonesty. Those given the rersponsibility have  betrayed the trust given to them. They prefer to favour the opposition parties.

I receive news that several senior editors in The Star could no longer contain their disappointment and frustration when BN was declared the winner on May 5, despite initially jumping with joy when the Pakatan Rakyat was leading.

Does the media management division at the Prime Minister’s Department aware of this? Ask me if you want to know.

MCA should review the position of the Editorial Department of The Star  because undeniably, its attitude has resulted in MCA's defeat in the 13th general election. The Star is a thorn in the flesh


BN “lost the perception war” as rued by Najib because the BN has allowed a mainstream media that can reach an audience of 5.63 million – and here’s the salt on the wound; it is owned by the second biggest BN component – to perpetuate the illogic and irrationality that serve to benefit the DAP and their strange bedfellows.

BN has allowed the DAP through its sympathetic mass propaganda organ to control the national narrative and direct the public discourse.

So yes, absolutely. Najib is 101 percent correct to say that BN lost the perception war. And BN will lose the next general election if it continues to allow this loss to lead to a fatal hemorrhage.


  1. MCA is just a componant party of BN in namesake but in reality their members are pro DAP and they all VOTED for DAP.

    1. Betul sdr. Tapi, persoalannya sekarang, Apa Najib akan buat? Buat dono je ke, atau ambik tindakan betul dan berani tetapi tidak popular?

      Tapi, firasat saya, Najib takkan buat apa2 sementalahan pulak, penasihat2 CON_SULTANs dia akan tidak setuju dibuat apa2 tindakan berani dan kekal kesannya.

      Bosan dengan Najib and the geng lah. So lame! So predictable!

  2. Tuan ,

    Saya dulu ,boleh dikatakan selalu berbaik-baik dengan orang-orang cina nih,Malah agak mesra dan boleh pula sampai bertepuk -tampar.

    Tapi selepas pru 13,terasa anih benar hendak bertegur sapa.Malah setiap kali diorang senyum pada saya,saya merasakan.."..Bangsat ni hendak tipu apa lagi pada aku".seolah-olah semua orang cina adalah "bangsat-bangsat yang tak berhati perut.

    1. Osman Muhammad KB17 June 2013 at 21:51

      Sabar tidak semua Cina bagitu,ada Cina yang baik dan ada Melayu yang lebih jahat ari Cina Tidak ada manusia dalam masyarakat binatang tetapi ada binatang dalam masyarakat manusia di mana pun dan dalam apa bangsapun.

  3. Jangan salahkan CIna. Mereka mahu menyokong BN tapi keaadaan sebelum GE 13 seolah olah memihak kepada PR jadi untuk tidak kelihatan janggal mereka menolak BN. Cina berpendapat UMNO akan kalah dan PAS/PR akan memenangi undi melayu especially bila Manifesto PR seolah olah menjanjikan langit pada melayu dan yang bodoh nya bila BN meniru nya kemudian boleh pula berdalih dengan mengatakan idea BN, adakan? Jadi kerana itu Cina membuat analisis dan mendapati Anwar akan menang. Itulah kesilapan nya. Kalau nak salahkan salahkanlah Dong Zong dengan extreministnya dan juga salahkan Najib dengan WINABLE yang tak ABLE to WIn punya candidate bukan kaum Cina sebab mereka ada sebab.

    1. Salam Tan Sri....concurs with ANON17JUNE2350...has anyone,so far, asked who or what was a 'winnable candidate ' ?..someone favoured by Najib or someone who had devoted 20 years or so to the party... yet sidelined at the last minute ?...perhaps in PRU 14,we might have terms like ' surewin ' candidates !

  4. “I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being good all the time. That would be hypocrisy.”
    ― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
    -This reminds me of Wong Chun Wai. After letting all the "dogs" in Star newspaper before GE 13, immediately afterwards, asked the "Barkee" ie the Malays being barked all over by them to '' be good Malaysian ".
    You are a hypocrite Mr Wong CW.
    “One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside.”
    ― John Lennon

  5. Luculah menuduh orang Star sebagai hipokrit sementara Utusan sudah berkali-kali terbukti sebagai pemfitnah di mahkamah dan di internet

    1. errr.. melayu tak komen macam ni... nampak pelik dan janggal bunyinya. ni sah dapster yang cuba nak menyorokkan identiti.

  6. .. who would have thought that Tan Sri and Helen are two peas in the pod! Unlikely combination but effective nonetheless.

    .. if not for Helen, I wouldn't have noticed the Star's hypocrisy. As for WCW, I think he is a goody-two-shoe. Never trust his kind.

    .. since both you and Helen are ex-journalists, who better to do expose on the newsmen and women? I've stopped reading the Star. Why should I feed my mind with poison? The fact that there is no Malay Editor in the Star speaks volume!