Wednesday, 22 May 2013


When someone is very loud in opposing corruption, the perception by many is that the person is clean of corrupt practices and such is the perception of the public towards a media which has been vociferous in exposing the abuse by the government and corruption by political leaders.
 For that, newspapers in Malaysia are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of people to cover the dangers of flying with the most unsafe airline in Malaysia.

Newspapers in Malaysia are also the recipients of bribe to cover the weaknesses of big companies. How? (An article on the corruption by Air Asia to the print media will follow suit).

This is also done by the Chinese newspapers to cover the antics of the Chinese, the biggest giver of bribes to the Malays.

Since the government of the day is supported by the Malays, the Malay Rulers, a Malay Prime Minister, a Malay KPN (IGP), a Malay KSN (Chief Secretary to the Government) and other Malay power, hence the general perception, especially the non-Malays, the recipients of bribes are Malays.

I believe 99 % of those who give bribes are Chinese, but they do not tell what they get, facilities they get to enjoy, property and millions in monetary gain.

Not many Chinese become rich through an honest way, but because of their wit in giving bribes, to cheat, abuse, etc. The Chinese who are honest remain poor.

When there is competition among them for government contracts, the one who fail will make false accusations to indicate that the evil one is the Malays or Bumiputera, like they did to Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud.

When an aide of a Chinese politician committed suicide as he could no longer cover-up for his boss being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), it is the MACC which is accused of murdering him and the case made a racial issue.

When a senior Customs officer was murdered for being firm and wanting to uphold a clean government, DAP did not say anything good about the officer, as it did in criticizing the MACC officers and making a conclusion that the aide was not in the wrong, although investigation was not over.

Why didn’t they come to a conclusion that the officer died because of his refusal to accept bribes from the Chinese?

This is the prejudice politics of the DAP.


The Star
 newspaper today (May 21 ) reported on a claim by PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli that eight people were not able to vote in the May 5 general election because other people had voted on their behalf.
Is The Star being professional about this?

Does it not cross The Star’s mind that anybody could make such an allegation.  UMNO or MCA can also find someone to make such a claim. Why is The Star so quick in believing a baseless report and straight away report about it.

Even a non-journalist could see the weakness in the news. Is The Star blind?

Since the report is by a Malay, The Star should not belittled the ability of the Malays to see this as a racial ploy aimed at eroding the confidence of the Chinese in the Election Commission (EC), one of the institutions aimed by DAP.

Certainly, The Star  is aware that in current situation, if such a report is made by UMNO or MCA, no one will believe, but whatever lies by the opposition, Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim, it will be accepted without any question.

And in this case, the contribution by The Star is huge.

The Star is not making efforts to help restore the people’s confidence in the government which has been elected according to the law, but using the power of its news to assist the opposition to create doubts among the people for all the government’s institutions.

And he is trying to belittle Datuk Seri Najib by using the shadow play to promote efforts to restore confidence and unity.


  1. Dear Zam,
    Never thought that despite your retirement you are still capable of giving insightful readings of events.Some of them I heard from you for the first time.Wonder where you kept them all these while.

    Totally agree with you how the Chinese spoilt the malays through bribery.In the villages the unlicensed fish monger pays a police corporal to ply his trade.In towns the Chinese developer pays the planning officers at the town councils to get super approvals.In cities the Chinese kongsis pays top ranking police officers to operate karaokes,prostitution dens and gambling houses.

    Interestingly,all of them are supporters of Bersih for free and fair election and supporters of Pakatan for a corrupt-free government.

    Either they have truly repented or they are opportunists jumping on Anwar's bandwagon.Where is Anwar's bandwagon heading?

    Of course Anwar wants to be PM.He wants to be PM not because he wants to establish good governance and justice.He relish the lifestyle he enjoyed when he was DPM.He basks with all the media attention.He made good use of his gift of the gab to propel himself to limelight.

    However, all that went out of the window when he was sacked and imprisoned.He had a revenge to mount.He can only mount his revenge with a PM's power.He wants to revenge against UMNO and Dr.Mahathir.He felt Malaysia should close eyes to his galavantings in private condominiums and secretly arranged hotel room appointments.After all,as he said,he is not the only one engaged in such activities.Why others are not punished?This is zalim!

    To exact revenge he needs to win election to become PM.This is where in 2006,PKR began to strongly oppose NEP to win Chinese votes.True enough,the Chinese who all these while were jealous of policies favouring bumiputra business and bumiputra students threw their support behind Anwar.The Chinese support reached the maximum during the just concluded GE13.

    But GE13 did not bury BN.BN and UMNO still has life.The murderers are panicked because the intended targets are not dead.

    What next?Those in power know what to do.

    1. Mr Abdul asked ' what next '...I am anxious to know what actions would be taken against those who 'demonstrated ' in Singapore,Taiwan and most recently in London.At he same time can some ' bomoh ' cast some spells on our top guns such that they would forget terms like ' bagi amaran ' and ' tindakkan keras akan di ambil '.I hope YB Zahid Hamidi could show the way to a new era of firm and stern actions....tq

  2. Yes, there are a lot of Chinese businessmen but how many of them actually deals direct with the Govt for contracts? How many of these so called 99% givers are big time businessmen winning big million dollars ? Those who are able to bribe their ways into Govt Contracts have their contacts within and are the cronies of BN. You think any Tom Dick and Harry have the ability and opportunity to bribe their way thru ? These are the corrupt practices we are all totally against. Those who bribe to get their summons cancelled, fast renewals of their permits etc etc are chicken feed.

  3. Paper STAR suddenly talk of racial unity in their round table Caffe Latte session.
    Menuduh org bontot yg bertaik !!!

    Sidang pengarang tiada satu pun Melayu...tadak melayu yg pandai omputih kat Tanah Melayu ni ??

    Lama dah aku boikot Zam oi


  4. Tiada orang pun yang ungkit kemana harta negara hasil bijih timah dan getah dulu tu..kenapa kaum melayu miskin hingga ada yang tak makan sedangkan negra merupakan pengeluar timah terkaya.. tetapi Singapura yang makmur, Siapa songlap harta negara tu, smuggle bijih ke Singapura tu..

    Suratkhabar mana dan siapa yang kata Salin Zulkifli tu tidak patriotik. Kenapa kekalahan Misbun dulu tu dihina hampir tiap hari sedangkan orang lain diagungkan suratkhabar mana?

    Apabila Malaysia kalah dengan Taiwan dan Jerman pada Piala Sudirman masih terlalu awal untuk dikatakan kerana KJ baru jadi menteri KBS dalam suasana Tsunami Laut China Selatan.

    Lontar batu sembunyi tangan sejak dari lama dulu lagi itulah perangai dan tabiat mereka. Harga barang naik lalu menyalahkan kerajaan... siapa sebernarnya yang memanipulasi harga barangan keperluan...

  5. From my understanding, Malaysian laws only prosecute the takers, so as long as this laws still stand, the givers will never find anything wrong with their action.

    1. "Malaysian laws only prosecute the takers".. hemmm.. then Dewan Rakyat should pass a law that the givers will be punished double the punishment of the takers.

      Maybe then the Chinese will stop bribing their way through..

  6. kindly note chinese give the most bribe. please jail chinese who give bribe

  7. I'm not too sure what does the current act entails on the hukuman for bribery. But I think the govt needs to strengthen acts and laws yang mengenakan hukuman dua kali ganda kepada si pemberi rasuah. Example kalau penerima rasuah kena sebatan 10 kali, then pemberi rasuah 20 kali. Atau hukuman2 yg lain bergantung pada amount rasuah, tetapi very strict and times two for the giver. Merekalah yg menggalakkan budaya rasuah in the first place. And I agree with you TS, yg suka memberi rasuah ni selalunya kaum yang satu itu...

    So Pak Najib and team, ada berani? Better get these rolling. We want to see firmer, charismatic and fierce leaders! Then takkan ada orang berani mempertikaikan lagi pasal rasuah, corruption etc. dengan govt, especially by the other party yg tak betul pun.

    By the way, the PR leaders should be investigated as well on rasuah, corruption, cronies etc. I don't believe they are clean either. Tapi sibuk nak cari kesalahan org lain. Fed up dengan org2 yg berpura2 mcm tu! Then only it is fair for the rakyat to make judgement.

  8. There is a taker and there is a giver. If there is no taker there is no giver. Nobody takes what they dont want. Everybody takes what they want.