Saturday, 11 May 2013


The Star can no longer hide its tendency to support the party it favours , even to the despair of its journalism fraternity, when it blatantly accused Utusan Malaysia of being racist because of its headlines “ Apa lagi Cina Mahu?’ (What More Do The Chinese Want?).

By having a newspaper cutting of Utusan Malaysia on its feature page, and not even mentioning it in the article, with the title  Win Them Over, Dont Blame Them, on May 8, its Group Chief Editor Datuk  Wong Chun Wai  clearly shows his criticism against Utusan Malaysia.

More obvious when he wrote “There is no need for intimidating messages and reports, particularly those which smack of racism, whether via the social platform or traditional media…it does not augur well for the country when a mainstream Bahasa Malaysia daily took on a racial slant in its edition yesterday”.

He also said that  "in a highly charged political atmosphere, racial remarks can be easily magnified and such foolishness should be avoided."

Datuk Wong is not being fair and balanced, but is bias and prejudice because he did not point at the Chinese newspapers  which have long been publishing  news and articles that contradict provisions in the Federal Constitution , in fact seditious in nature. (If Datuk Wong wants the newspaper cutting, I can give it ).
Datuk Wong should have given serious consideration before voicing his opinion so as not to be seen as only seeing Utusan Malaysia’s mistakes. As an editor of an English newspaper, which is read by all races, Datuk Wong should be open minded in tandem with his pursuit for media freedom and not controlled by his political affiliation and racism.
Who is the idiot? Utusan Malaysia? its Chief Editor Datuk Aziz Ishak ? the Malay voice? Is this the opinion of a Chinese Chief Editor of a newspaper or DAP or the Chinese community towards the Malays.
Utusan Malaysia has a long history on its struggle, which began more than 70 years ago. It was the people’s voice for independence beginning in Singapore with the nationalists, socialists and now the voice of Malaysians who are committed to the  Federal Constitution? The voice that places importance on pursuing its struggle than monetary gains. Is this noble and daring voice, the voice of an idiot.
What Wong has done is unethical, for directly criticizing another newspaper which does not share its policy, where Utusan Malaysia, in its news reports and features on the anger of its readers against The Star over matters which are sensitive  to the Malays, has never mentioned its name, but only referred to it as an English newspaper.
I used to criticize The Star for publishing a report by a royalty who insulted UMNO, but Utusan did not name the paper. This is the journalism fraternity which is not written.

The Star, which sympathises with the opposition before the 2008 tsunami, no longer hides when referring to Utusan Malaysia, when it is criticized by the Chinese community. (If Datuk Wong wants the cutting, I have it).
I do not deny that The Star is balanced in the reporting of its news and features, but there is no mission and commitment by The Star in championing national policies which are also supported by MCA.
It is hiding its claws and teeth, but will attack and bite when it sees its enemy is weak and in this matter, Datuk Wong appears to play his role, to show the opposition where he stands.
He will show his hidden claw. In this matter, I am reminded of V.K. Chin, the Chief Editor and Adviser of The Star , who is sincere, honest and believe in the country policies.
Prior to the 2008 general election, The Star cleverly manipulated news that could help the opposition and create the anti-government sentiment among the Chinese community, like when it promoted a book on May 13 written by a former DAP members who is a lecturer at the National University of Singapore.
How did he tell the book was in the market?
It started with the publication of a news report from a short messaging service (sms) saying that the book was banned and then its journalist asked the Home Ministry whether that was true or not.
A denial on it was blown out of proportion with the aim of promoting the book, which started with a news story purportedly saying that the book was banned.
However, after MCA president Datuk Chua Soi Lek took over supervision of The Star after the 2008 tsunami, there was some restriction by the newspaper, although it seems free. This, surely could be felt by the opposition parties, which were its secret friends.
The Star is a free paper, but not free of the Malaysian Malaysia policy. It does not champion the national struggle with full commitment like Utusan Malaysia. The betrayal by anti-nationalists who were trained in Taiwan was never exposed.
Who reported the news on Chinese students insulting the country in Taiwan, of a group of Chinese students in Taiwan staging a protest by showing off the inverted Malaysia flags.
Not long ago, a Malaysian student in Taiwan changed the lyrics of the National Anthem with lyrics that insulted Malaysia.
It is The Star that published a story of the father apologizing and it was also The Star which carried a story on the Malaysian students in Taiwan saying “We are sorry” for inverting the national flag, which they claimed was done not because they have no respect for Malaysia but because they were not happy with the undemocratic general election.
In both the cases, The Star did not criticize the action as Wong did when criticizing Utusan Malaysia.
The least The Star could do was the ask why it always happened in Taiwan? Why is it that Taiwan, which wants to compete with the People’s Republic of China in its relations with Malaysia allowed such things to happen in its country.
Taiwan is actually the training centre for Chinese cadres overseas to build a Chinese network outside China to balance the mainland China. This is required by the United States of America.
The Star is sensitive and quick to defend and cover the bad, betrayal or anti-national attitude of the Chinese community and the Chinese newspapers.
For example, when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib indicated at a media conference that it was not only Utusan which is to be blame, but also the Chinese newspapers, the Star published a statement by Lim Kit Siang " DAP to back  move to charge Chinese papers playing racial sentiment".
Kit Siang  said "there should no be a double standard in penalizing anyone guilty of stirring racial sentiment”.
It is not wrong for The Star to publish the story if it does not show a bias stand against the Chinese newspapers and is unfair to Utusan Malaysia through the article by its chief editor.
It should be mentioned that at a media conference two days ago, Datuk Seri Najib when shoved with questions by a journalist  on the front page report of Utusan Malaysia ‘What More Do The Chinese Want?’  responded by saying “You blame Utusan, what about the Chinese language newspapers. Are you saying that some people are saying the right thing all the time”.
It was responded by applause from the media members.
This reminded me to a question by an Australian journalist to then Malaysian Prime Minister Dr.Mahathir Mohamed at media conference at the Conference of Heads of Asean Countries in Singapore a long time ago.
The journalist asked “When will relations between Malaysia and Australia improve?.
Dr Mahathir responded by pointing at the journalist and said “When you are good” (referring to the Australian media).
Why was Najib’s views on the Chinese newspapers not considered by Datuk Wong before he wrote the article against Utusan. Is he not racist and in a position to show of his claws.
A day before the article which criticized Utusan was published,   Datuk Wong Chun Wai screamed  "Dont ignore the Chinese voice?  in one of his articles. Has the government under Datuk Seri Najib been ignoring the Chinese voice.
In the current situation, the title enhanced the misperception of the Chinese towards the government  and created anger among the Malays because Wong himself does not know what they have received.
Hence, Datuk Wong and the Chinese community should not be surprise with the question by Utusan Malaysia" What More Do The Chinese Want?" 

Hasn’t The Star been screaming things which hurt the feelings of the Malays? Is there anymore Chinese voice not heard by the government? Malaysian Malaysia?


  1. Salam Tan Sri....every Malaysian should applaud (at least in the prevailing situation), the way DS Najib responded to the journalist who referred to the topic ' What More Do The Chinese Want ?...the Malays always adhere to the ' nicety rules ' when talking to others such as use polite words,speak without showing anger or displeasure etc....had Najib stuck to the nicety rules,would'nt he be bombarded with more 'stinking' questions..tq

  2. Sejak PRU 2008 saya dah tak beli the star. terlalu berbau DAP.

  3. Hahaha jangan BUANG duit beli akbar The Star. Duit tu simpan dalam tabung kecemasan lagi baik!

    Baca online jer ..

    1. wartawan Star memang terang-terang menyokong DAP tapi yang herannya boleh bekerja dengan akhbar kepunyaan MCA,

  4. dengar cerita editor/ journalist the star di penuhi oleh geng-geng jeru sebang../another pusat dakwah satu agama hip-hop yang turun dari langit menjanjikan syurga kepada anak-anak china yang sukakan hip-hop.tak ada pantauan ke ceramah yang diadakan di pentas pusat agama dari langit di pusat konvesyen agama hip hop yang terbesar di malaysia di bukit jalil.

    dengar kata ketua editor The star ini adalah ahli pusat agama hip hop yang membuat ramai ana-anak cina lupa agama datuk nenek moyang mereka sehingga terpengaruh pergi ke semua rally berbaju hitam diketuai oleh ketua agama /tokong hip hop dari penang yang serba suci.

    jika ketua editor the star ingin menyamapaikan dakwah syurga yang dijanjikan ke semua rakyat Malaysia. apa beza the star dengan Harakah.Jika harakah diharamkan untuk orang awam mengapa tidak the star hanya boleh diedarkan kepada ahli/parti Agama hip hop di subang saja. saja.sepatutnya MCA cuci terus pengurusan The star dan suruh editor .berhenti.dia nak kempen rakyat Malaysia adalah sama semuanya tapi tengok journalist dalam the star berapa saja melayu Islam.semuanya dipenuhi oleh kaum dan keturunan yang menganut agama hip hop berpangkalan di suabng dan ibu pejabat di Bukit Jalil.

  5. Salam Tan Sri,

    Kenapa pihak berkuasa tak berkeras mengambil tindakan terhadap the Star? Malaysia sekarang ini banyak sangat gunting dalam lipatan,spt dalam kerajaan dimana ada pekerja terang2 menyokong pembangkang.PM Najib perlu buat sesuatu cepat sebelum semua propaganda and rali2 anjuran pembangkang tidak terkawal. Saya rasa tindakan PM tersangat lah lambat. Kita ambil contoh Singapura dimana tindakan menahan warga Malaysia yang demonstasi disana sangat cepat dan berkesan. Sekarang ni pula mereka bertindak mengawal blog2 internet supaya mereka lebih bertanggungjawab sebelum bloggers ini menyebarkan artikel2 berbentuk fitnah. Perlu diingat bahawa fitnah ini sangat bahaya dan penyebaran tanpa kawalan di internet boleh merosakkan pemikiran rakyat, menjatuhkan kerajaan dan lain2. Saya bersetuju dengan kebebasan bersuara tetapi mesti atas landasan yang telus, jujur dan bertanggungjawab.

  6. inilah spesis manusia yg digelar ULTRA KIASU oleh ustaz Mohd Riduan Tee Abdullah..kita sudah TIDAK boleh berlembut lagi dengan mereka ini..