Monday, 27 May 2013


By Rosihan Lubis.

The name of this new religion is human rights.

When the United Nations Convention of Human Rights was adopted in 1948, nobody thought human rights would one day become a “religion”.

The Guardian of UK carried an article on this new religion by Anthony Julius ( Julius says: A human rights discourse now dominates politics; there is a powerful human rights "movement". It is the new secular religion of our time.

The power  of human rights is not confine to politics but intertwine with social life resulting in movements such as  gay and lesbian movements. These movements are not only to be found in the United States, but also in Europe, and elsewhere.
If we are no vigilant, Malaysia may soon be engulfed by these movements.

This new religion is causing havoc  in some western countries. France,  had voted  to legalise same sex marriage.   Some states in the United States have also legalised same sex marriage. There were streets protests opposing the law in France.

Although Malaysia does not ratify the UNCHR, we adopted the spirits of the convention by forming the Human Rights Commission.

What is more important though, we have been amending or even repealed some of our laws to conform to  demands of human rights groups, which needless to say, will facilitate the arrival of this new religion.
Watch out for certain political parties and NGOs with this agenda.


  1. Salam Tan Sri....What the ( Malaysian ) human right groups want is the public,social and official recognition of their behaviour in practising LBGT.. Why should we accede to their demands when religion itself bans or prohibits such practices...and human activities are subjected to religeous principles and rules.....tq

  2. UMNO Sek 9 Shah Alam28 May 2013 at 01:10

    Human rights is a platform used by the hypocrites to pursue their agenda of liberalism that is anchored in ethical values outside the realm of human sanity - eg. gay rights, rights to demonstrate to create trouble, rights to make a mockery of government authorities and rights to make new rules when they don't like existing rules.

    And who are the hypocrites who uphold human rights these days? Hypocrites are people who LIES SUBCONCIOUSLY and who REFUSE to accept TRUTH CONCIOUSLY. Yeap, pretty much what Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz really are.

    And what do you call people who idolize hypocrites? We call them f**king idiotic morons. In which society can you find these people? Most of them are members of PKR and PAS.