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(Bacalah di bawah ini interviu dengan bekas Menteri Kewangan petikan dari The Scribe A Kadir Jasin )

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib sedang membayar harga yang sangat mahal  terhadap langkahnya menghapuskan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri yang dilakukannya untuk meyakinkan dunia terhadap demokrasi Malaysia.

Dalam negeri tindakannya itu semakin menghakiskan keyakinan rakyat terhadap kemampuan pihak berkuasa  untuk menjamin keselamatan dengan pantas dan berkesan.

Mantan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir tidak membayar harga bejuta ringgit kepada pakar-pakar luar negara untuk menyelamakan Malaysia dari krisis ekonomi. Dia membuktikan keyakinan terhadap diri sendiri dari pembedahan jantungnya hingga kepada pengurusan kesakitan negara.

Semalam silent majority dikejutkan dengan tindakan seorang majistret menolak permintaan polis untuk meneruskan tahanan reman terhadap tiga orang tahanan iaitu Naib Presiden PKR Tian Chua serta dua aktivis pro pembangkang Haris Tahillah Mohamed Ibrahim dan Tamrin Ghafar yang sedang disiasat di bawah Secton 4(1) Akta Hasutan 48 .

Menteri Dalam Negeri yang menyedari kekecewaan dan kemarahan rakyat terhadap keputusan majistret itu  segera membuat kenyataan bahawa polis akan membuat rayuan terhadap keputusannya.

Apapun ternyatalah dengan kehilangan ISA telah menimbulkan masalah besar kepada pihak keselamatan untuk bertindak mematahkan kemungkinan berlakunya bahaya yang lebih besar. Prevention is better than cure telah diketepikan..

Najib tidak memberikan perhatian terhadap sikap manusia yang sekalipun terdidik dan terlatih tetapi tetap mempunyai kelemahan masing-masing; bias, takut, sentimen dan tidak rasional. .

Strategi Blue Ocean yang dibanggakan oleh Najib untuk menyelesaikan semua masalah pengurusan negara termasuk jenayah dan poltik ternyatalah telah memakan dirinya. Beliau masih belum puleh dari kejutan Blue Ocean yang bertukar menjadi Chinese Tsunami pada 5 Mei.

Jika beliau masih terus membaca kejutan ini dengan kaca mata lama, masih terpukau dengan  nasihat orang- orang yang dianggapnya pakar maka Najib mesti bersedia untuk ditelan oleh Blue Ocean pada Perhimpunan Agung UMNO yang akan datang. Semoga beberapa orang profesional yang baru dilantiknya akan dapat membantunya melihat kekarutan pakar lama.

Mungkin kata-kata ini pahit tetapi mestilah dilihat dari sudut kejujuran dan keikhlasan.

Najib lebih bijak bercakap dari bapanya tetapi ternyata dia tidak sebijak dan setegas bapanya Tun Abdul Razak dalam melihat kelemahan manusia dan menangani negara dalam  menghadapi krisis.

Kalau Nakhoda Kuranglah Faham, And The Law Is An Ass
Here is some news from April 20, 2013.
  • Former ISA detainee freed
  • Yazid Sufaat charged with terrorist activities in Syria acquitted by High Court 
  • Judge Kamardin Hashim ordered Yazid and his friends to be freed 
  • court satisfied there was merit in the submission by the defence 
  • Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 under Article 149 Federal Const.
  • Article 149  only applicable for acts of threats inside Malaysia.
  • "offences committed in Syria, Article 49 and SOSMA cannot be used 
  • abuse of the court process if the prosecution was allowed to go on.
  • Yazid charged with incit(ing) people of Syria to commit terrorist acts 
  • Halimah Hussein and Muhammad Hilmi Hasim charged with abetting him   
This is why the law is an ass, especially when it does not evolve with time. All over the world, countries are enacting new laws to tackle global terrorism. The United States has the Patriot Act. The UK has the Anti Terrorism Act. 

In Malaysia we have abolished the ISA.

Just because the BN performed poorly in the 2008 elections, the Gomen chickened out and abolished the ISA.  The net result is now we cannot convict people for terrorist activities simply because they plan terrorist acts to be carried out outside the country.  This is what you get when you abolish the ISA.  And in 2013 the Gomen performed even worse in the general elections. So abolish ISA pun tak guna. 

I honestly think it is time to bring our laws on par with the US Patriot Act or the UK's Anti Terrorism Act. What do you think? 

America and the UK are the beacons of democracy and human rights. Dumbiga even received an award from the Americans. So lets amend our security laws and lock them up in Gitmo. If the Americans can do it, why not we follow them? What say you hypocrites?

But just how stupid can the law be? You mean its legal for international terrorists to open their offices here in Malaysia, which they can then use to plan bomb attacks in Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Syria and elsewhere?  Before you know it, Malaysia will become a hub for terrorists planning attacks overseas. 

The Law will never be able to convict them. They can quote the clever Judge Kamardin Hashim who has ruled that it is unconstitutional to try someone for a crime when the crime is to be committed outside the country.

Ya Allah, pasai apa manusia boleh jadi sebegini bodoh atas muka bumi Kamu yang disebut Malaysia ini?  How stupid can we get? 

And all this is happening in the country because our leadership has become weak. When we have weak leadership which cannot do what is right and good for the country, then we are in real deep trouble.

Please also read Tan Sri Zam's blogpost today :  JIKA TIDAK BERKESAN NAJIB AKAN DITELAN OLEH BLUE OCEAN.

Here is Jamal Abdillah explaining what will happen if the nakhoda kurang faham.


Tun Daim Zainuddin
TWICE the Finance Minster of Malaysia and now a sought after political commentator, Tun Daim Zainuddin, attributed the Barisan Nasional’s poor showing at the May 5 general polls to incorrect strategy.

He told the China Press newspaper that Malaysia’ general elections is a parliamentary election and not a presidential election, adding that Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak’s advisors should be sacked.

“If you associate a vote for BN as a vote for him (Mohd Najib), then BN’s poorer results reflect on him too.

“This is a parliamentary election, not a presidential election. The PM's advisors should be sacked.” he said.

And is Mohd Najib a lame duck Prime Minister and Umno President?

The following is the English transcript of the interview, which covered a wide variety of issues surrounding the outcome of the 13th GE, made available to this blog. I record my appreciation to the China Press for its superb effort and to Tun Daim’s office.

The Day After

1. Tun, what was first in your mind when you first received the full election result? Did you expect it?

I wasn't surprised.  At around 12noon the feedback I got was that - BN 141, DAP 38 butmy own assessment was BN between 125 and 135 only.

2. Do you think this election was a fair one? Opposition parties and NGOs still accused BN of misuse the government facilities, and the problematic integrity of the electoral roll.

Of course it is fair. If its not fair how come in Penang and Selangor Pakatan improved on majorities and Federal BN get only 133. These accusations are not new. They said all these even before the elections. I’ve said earlier that they will be saying all these because they know they can't get to Putrajaya.

Read my interviews before this, I said they will be proclaiming to  the world they would win and that if they don’t its because they have been robbed and therefore entitled to protest, incite people which is what they are doing now and they want people to go to streets. They want FRUs, water cannons and teargas then CNN, Al Jazeera etc will be back and they are back in the news.

Anwar and Kit Siang are inviting police to arrest them. They want to be arrested. They are totally irresponsible. If you see the recent rallies and that majority of the participants are Chinese, what do you think will happen if one hot-headed Malay organisation wants to organise a counter rally? But Anwar and Kit Siang don't mind, if there is another interracial incident, they would blame BN.  If you are willing to sacrifice peace and stability for your ends, what kind of leadership is this?

They say they should be the rightful leaders of this country, yet they defy laws, defy the police, and they have no respect for, and undermine every institutions of government which they say they should helm. What kind of leadership promotes lawlessness and anarchy? What message do you send and what lessons do you teach the young and the impressionable? Leadership comes with responsibility.

There are laws in this country. Go to court, of course, they say courts are not fair, yet these same courts have acquitted Anwar. Again when it’s convenient to them they go to the courts to sue and silence their detractors. They accept where they won and reject where they lost.  They are selective. Karpal practices and appeals before this same Court.

Be brave and honest. Accept the results. Karpal says he is happy with the results. PAS has accepted. Azmin is critical of Anwar’s refusal to accept the results and doing these rallies, but don't read too much into his statements. It’s like an old married couple’s quarrel, one party merajuk (sulks) but in the end they are still together.

Anwar is already up to his tricks - putting out feelers to Barisan MPs. He is waiting after the Cabinet appointments for another round of his Sept 16.

Reasons for Poor BN Performance

3. As expected in our last interview, BN managed to retain Putrajaya but couldn't regain the two-third majority. What are the main reasons?

Really you should ask BN. But in my opinion, it’s the wrong strategy. As I’ve said before, this is a parliamentary election, not a presidential election. The PM's advisors should be sacked. If you associate a vote for BN as a vote for him, then BN poorer results reflects on him too.  I kept reminding them that those huge numbers at BN’s ceramahs do not translate into votes. You don’t try to fight his (Anwar’s) numbers with your even bigger numbers. Let Anwar be the entertainer (borrowing from The Financial Times). We are not entertainers, we don’t know how to sing, dance and tell jokes. It’s a serious business electing a government, so lets leave this clown’s strategy alone and not play to his game.

 If I know, then surely BN knows that the Chinese majority areas were gone. Why waste time and money? As a strategy, you should concentrate on those areas where you lost by slim majorities in 2008 and strengthen the seats you won in 2008. There was also the question of choice of candidates, and for example in Pandan, why be petty?

Many people disputed that there was a Chinese tsunami.  But there was, in the sense that Chinese voters voted en block whilst non-Chinese votes were split; but this is their right. This is democracy.

What was disturbing was the reason for the en block votes. Pakatan preached hatred for BN particularly UMNO. DAP have always told the Chinese that they are victims, marginalised; that the cup they have is always half empty; that this is the time to teach MCA and Gerakan a lesson for being under UMNO’s control, that UMNO (and by extension the Malays) were dominant, and this was a Malay-led government, and the Chinese by voting out all the Chinese parties in BN is saying that they have had enough of being bullied by UMNO/ Malays. If this is not racist, I don’t know what is.

Their cybertroopers were at work, 24 hours a day, sending misinformation, spins, rumours, lies, untruths etc. Where were the Banglas? Where was the blackout? How many peoplewhose ink washed off, voted twice? Tun M flew away in a private jet? Lies and lies and the Chinese believe in "ubah" and "Ini kali lah".

I told you if the Chinese rejected Najib's leadership, the rural votes will swing to BN. DAP benefited the most. PAS, I do not know how it is going to reorganise itself. PKR we know practice nepotism, ask Azmin.

As for the Indian votes, only some Indians votes came back to BN. Koh Tsu Koon has announced his retirement. Chua Soi Lek is not seeking re-election. In the West you lose, you retire. Brown retired. Here they are not morally strong to quit. Anwar stays on, Kit Siang stays on, Hadi stays on. Let me remind you, Anwar said he would retire if he failed to get to Putrajaya. Anwar does not keep to his word. He will never retire, until the day he is on his deathbed he would still want to be PM.

Let’s recognize that nowhere in the world is it easy to get a two-third majority. Urban voters everywhere in the world are anti-government. BN's strength lies in the rural areas. Yet too much time and money were wasted in urban areas where the results were almost certain.

4. Chinese votes for opposition even reached over 90%, why? From your observation, why MCA and Gerakan rejected by the Chinese? We still remember in 2004 the situation was totally different.

I have explained at length in the answer above. Chinese votes for the Pakatan reached 90% because they believed in Pakatan’s propaganda. This is at last the chance to reject the Malay-led BN.  We saw on polling day many Chinese came out in droves believing that Pakatan was going to win. They were all misled. Pakatan knew that they were not going to get the numbers. Imagine Chinese voting for PAS, when they have seen what was happening in Kedah and Kelantan. Chinese voters were taken for a ride that they were going to make the difference. If Hindraf can affect the 2008 results, imagine what the Chinese with their bigger number can do? This was the line given and they swallowed it. In 2004, Chinese gave the then PM with his clean image a chance but that got to BN’s head and 2008 was the result. In 2013, Pakatan tapped into the Chinese and urban psyche. The Chinese are practical people and if they felt that the votes could go either way, they would not take a chance and choose stability over change; but if they believed that they can change the Government and win, then they did what you see in GE13. But Chinese normally bet on minority horse.

5. By analysing the results, we can see DAP won more seats this time and seats won by PKR and PAS also close to their numbers in 2008. Does it mean Malay votes still split? How about Indian votes?

Malay votes split 4 ways. UMNO, PAS, Keadilan and fence sitters. Lucky for BN, this time most went to UMNO. Less than 50% of Indian voters voted BN.

People’s Real Concerns

6. Why the 1Malaysia plans, ETP, transformation plans did not work and caused BN a bigger loss?

I don't think people reject 1Malaysia, ETP etc. The issues were not these. In all my earlier interviews I had listed the rakyat’s concern. These were and still are 1) corruption 2) good governance 3) security 4) education 5) inflation 6) urban poor 7) young graduates. Government instead focused on giving handouts. You give dinner once, people thank you. Give them five times and they think you are trying to buy their votes.

7. Even though you have given your warning, but the so-called Chinese Tsunami was so big to be stopped. But, is it fair to blame the Chinese for BN's not so good victory?

I have explained the Chinese tsunami. Of course, Pakatan have to say it is not Chinese tsunami, otherwise they will be held responsible for this racial divide. Are they denying the Chinese voted en block and Malay votes were split? No one is blaming the Chinese, but this what it is.  As I said they were misled and they voted Pakatan but again it is their right to buy into that argument and voted to kick the BN out.

8. How to change their minds or should BN given up Chinese by promoting the Ketuanan Melayu sprit to rely more on the support of Malays?

You can always try and you must try to change their minds. You cannot give up on nearly 30% of your fellow citizens. But you have to address issues as in my answer to Question 6.

Ketuanan Melayu was when the Malays fought against Malayan Union. Ketuanan Melayu was in the Federation of Malaya Agreement of 1948.  After 1957 and later in 1963, there is constitutional Malaysia. All races have accepted the Constitution. It is a fine and well-balanced document.  Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore too had accepted this document. The Constitution protects all citizens. We are all Malaysians. As I said, I'm born a Malay, you are born a Chinese. We don't chose to be Malay or Chinese, but you and I choose to be Malaysians. That is our choice. If I don't like to be a Malaysian, I can choose to be something else also. So let us stay united and work hard and sincerely and make sure the country continues to prosper in peace.

9. Najib has offered a “reconciliation" plan. How serious is he? In addition, if this plan is necessary, how should Najib deal with it?

I am glad he offered reconciliation. He must be serious. You don't make statements you don't mean. You are a leader. But I read Pakatan has rejected his overtures, they talk about unity but do not practice it. Instead they offer preset conditions.  Are they sincere?  As leaders, the country must come first.

10. How is this so-called process of reconciliation ever going to take place when chauvinists and radicals still there to give their provoking remarks?

We, the rakyat must reject the chauvinists and the radicals. Government must take action against them. Rakyat must show support against these people. Country must come first. Whatever you may think about the Malays, they have shown that they reject extremists. They rejected Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifly Nordin.

Najib A Lame Duck PM?

11. Some people say Najib is a lame duck Prime Minister, he has not only has to think of how to regain the support of non-Malays but has to guard against the wolves in his party. Will he encounter any problem when party election takes place this year?

I have retired. I don't know the mood is in the party. He has to explain to party members what went wrong. Is he going to be a lame duck PM? Cameron in UK, Gilliard in Australia, Mohan Singh in India so far are ok even though in their cases they are ruling on razor thin majority.

UMNO has to remain united if it wants to get the support of Malays. Strengthen your rural support and the rest of the Malays will respect UMNO. If he explains to UMNO what went wrong then I think UMNO will accept and offer their support. It will take a bit of time with the Divisions and he has to make sure they continue to support him and he has to tell UMNO members that only UMNO is their saviour. I believe UMNO members will give him another chance. Those disloyal, you must punish them. But prove with evidence.  You have the Opposition to deal with you don’t need enemies in the blanket.  You don’t need over 3 millions members if they did not work or vote for you. It is better to have a smaller but committed membership who love the party and want what is best of it. For far too long, UMNO has had members who placed self-interest above the party.

12. Please analyse the result for Selangor. Far from what we expected, BN lost more seats and more popular votes this time despite of thousand good efforts had been put?

Selangor was a disaster. When I got feedback on the problems on the ground, I sent many messages to the leadership. I spoke to Zain (Mohd Zain Mohamed, the BN Selangor Election Director). He assured me of victory, totally ignoring the voices on the ground. His own Ketua Pemuda stood against him and so many ketua bahagians campaigned against him.

I think Zain was a wrong  choice. He was dropped from Cabinet by Najib because obviously he didn’t think much of his ability and then you appoint him as Selangor UMNO Secretary. I don't understand Najib’s logic. When you all asked me at the last interview, I said there were problems of wrong candidates. Ketua Bahagians’ were not happy. Among UMNO (members) sabotage was everywhere. I told Zain a list of state seats that were in trouble. Zain said yes a bit of problem but BN would win. In all those seats that were in my list, BN lost. With wrong candidates not going to the ground, ignoring divisional chiefs, not visiting your members and voters, sabotage, you couldn't win.

When I was in Negeri Sembilan campaigning on Friday night, I got a message that Bukit Selambau state seat under the Merbok Parlimentary seat was in trouble.  I got back to KL at 2 am and a few hours later, early on Saturday morning, I flew to Kedah. They were still quarrelling about the state candidate, even when it’s one day before polling. I told them they were crazy. Just vote BN. Told them they had half a day left to campaign and go together and campaign and be seen to be united. They lost by 500 votes because they closed their pondok panas by 4pm, confident that they had won. I smsed you by noon that BN won Merbok but the Indians there have to quarrel even at the last minute about candidates and we lost. We are our own worst enemies.

13. As well as in Penang. Before 5 May, BN seemed to have some hope as the 1Malaysia welfare group had organized many free dinners around Penang and free concert. They tried to attract the voters with money and presents. But, all effort proved useless. Why?

These people are amateurs. They are silly people. They think they are clever and throw money around. Better give to charity. Why BN allowed stupid events like these? People are insulted because they knew you thought they could be bought with money, concerts and dinners.  So they came to relax, have free makan and  be entertained. This is an election. It’s a serious matter. Let Anwar be the entertainer.

(China Press)


  1. Najib dilihat semakin tenggelam dan terus melakukan kesilapan demi kesilapan. Najib yang dikelilingi oleh "punaisihat tahap dungu" telah membuat kesilapan terbesar dengan memansuhkan ISA atas desakan pembangkang. Nasihat daripada Tun dan ramai lagi orang orang lama dalam politik dan keselamatan tidak di endahkan - sekarang semuanya sudah terlambat dan Najib menanti masa untuk dikuburkan dengan penuh penghinaan - KJ akan menjadi duri dalam daging didalam kabinet Najib dan UMNO dan bakal mengulangi apa yang dilakukan oleh Zaid Ibrahim semasa pemerintahan PM paling lembap demi untuk menjadi popular.

    1. Tak mengapa kalau Najib sahaja yang dikorbankan asalkan UMNO tidak terkorban sekali.
      Macam-macam cara telah dilakukan untok menhanchurkan UMNO ,Alhamdulilah UMNO masih selamat,terbaharu satu cadangan dari kalangan parti komponent BN yang dilihat dengan muslihat terachang melemahkan party sendiri untok menjatohkan UMNO/BN ,setelah disedari usha itu gagal menjahanamkan UMNO ,beliau mencadangkan supaya membuka keahlian UMNO kapada bebilang kaum.
      Orang Melayu/UMNO jangan mudah teperangkap dengan mainan-mainan halus dan teranchang sebagini ,nampak molek tetapi kalau ditatapi tujuanya hanya hendak menhanchorkan UMNO itu sendiri.
      Mereka-mereka ini sedar ,selagi UMNO kuat dan orang Melayu bersatu dibawah payongan UMNO,selagitulah hasrat dan cita-cita mereka tidak akan tercapai.

    2. Labu,
      Apa yang yang awak tahu tentang Najib tahu? Awak juga banggang semasa ISA nak dihapuskan awak tidak bangun untuk menentang tetapi awak setuju dan tunduk kepada keputusan Najib.
      Sekarang awak bising bagai monyet lapar pisang. Dulu semasa awak dapat pisang awak diam.
      Hari ini awak kutuk dasar dan keputusan DS Najib yang lebih jauh lebih berotak dari awak. Awak juga dunggu tahap monyet lapar pisang.
      Awak kata KJ duri dalam daging apa ayang awak tahu? Awak ni ahli nujum pak belalang sahaja. Awak lihat kementerian belia sekarang apabila KJ ambil alih nampak muda terus, cergas dan ceria bukan macam dulu.
      Sekarang hina pulak Najib dulu awak hina Pak Lah. Apa yang awak mau sebenarnya Labu?

    3. Ada orang lain dalam UMNO boleh ganti Najib??

      Siapa yg Melayu ada sekarang yg lebih pandai dari Najib?? Tolong jawab..

      Dalam 4 tahun, Najib kerja kuat utk UMNO dan BN, dan kita masih berkuasa.

      Program2 transformasi Najib telah berjaya! Syabas!

      Kalau tuan2 ada cadangan orang Melayu lain yg lebih baik dari Najib, sila cadangkan.

      Kalau tidak, mari kita besama2 fokus untuk menyatukan Melayu dan Islam sekarang. Usah buang masa..

      Hanya ISLAM yang akan satukan kita supaya besatu dan kuat!!

      ..Zorro bukit..

    4. Najib dan consultant pelingkupnya harus mengambil iktibar dari pandangan dan saranan Tun Daim ni. Reorganize semula penasihat/consultant beliau yg telah gagal itu. Dapatkan semula'Think Thank' di zaman Tun M dulu..Mereka ini telah lama berkhidmat bersama Tun M. dan tentunya lebih arif dan berpengalaman tentang situasi politik Malaysia. Bukanya hanya berlandaskan sijil yg berjela-jela...

  2. Dato, ada tak peluang untuk ISA digubal balik oleh krjaan yg dibentuk sekarg?

    1. Salam Tan Sri.....kalau Parlimen bolih mansuhkan mana2 undang, Parlimen juga bolih reinstate atau revive undang2 itu.

    2. Di sbbkan BN tidak menguasai 2/3 ahli parlimen adalah sukar bagi kerajaan untuk reinstate @ revive undang2 yg telah dipinda.Untk jadi pemimpin populis Najib dan Pak Lah sanggup lakukan apa saja untuk keluar dari byg2 Tun M.
      Tetapi adalah sesuatu yg bodoh jika undang2 yg dapat menyatu padukan dan mengamankan kita dimansuhkan..

  3. Sdr Zam,

    Sudah sampai masanya pihak berkuasa perlu memikirkan kaedah mempertingkatan pegawai yang arif mengenai undang-undang dan kepakaran dari segi pendakwaan. Zaman kaedah kepolisian tahan dulu fikir kemudian telah berlalu.

    Cucu Tulang Padang

  4. mmg terserlah kelemahan PM sekrg. kepercayaan dan juga segala "bend backward" utk komuniti cina, duit dan tanah utk sekolah cina, dong zong etc telah dibalas dgn penolakan beliau didlm tsunami cina. dan lagi yg dato belum kupas, tsunami india dimana, PM bend backward hingga memilih wakil hindraf sebagai menteri. tapi masyarakat india semua menolak PM. mana ada lawyer india yg ada ckp baik tentang k'jaan? cuma melayu saja yg masih menyokong UMNO. Dan masyarakat sabah/swak saja yang menyokong BN. malah secara diam MCA dan gerakan juga menyokong DAP secara diam. dan utk memberi support pada team cina (tanpa mengira parti) MCA dan Gerakan tak mahu position dalam kabinet. ini utk menunjukkan pd masyarakat cina bahawa mereka tak bersama BN. mulut disuap pisang, bontot dikait duri.

    apa yg najib nak buat atau patut buat? saya suggest reward pengundi yg mengundinya. its just natural...dia mmg akan menjaga kesemua penduduk msia sebagai PM, tapi dia boleh reward yg mengundinya. so reward... eg GLC yg diketuai oleh bangsa pengundinya tp dilapis kedua semua bangsa yg tak menyokongnya. punish the GLC head. eg CIMB, RHB dll. setengah ketua GLC ni terang2 against kerajaan didlm BODnya. Buat jalan yg cantik di sabah/swak...bila lagi. bagi peluang pekerjaan yg lebih di kawasan dimana BN menang umpama industri di sabah/swak.


  5. salam,

    PM kita memang mudah ditipu. beliau terlalu percaya dengan orang yang berada dikelilingnya. baguslah kalau bersangka baik. tapi orang yg berada dikelilingnya bukanlah orang yg terbaik daripada terbaik. mungkin cakap jer lebih.

    dalam satu perhimpunan, para pembodek terpaksa membawa askar untuk meramaikan majlis. begitulah tahap pembodek yg melindungi kenyataan. mereka menutup kebenaran. patutnya pm dah tahu bila orh ramai memberi respon dlm fbnya. kata pm baca sendiri fbnya. tapi dilindungi oleh org keliling dan ditunjukkan bukti dan kebenaran palsu. ya la bila dah suka dipuji-puji, nak pula dipuja-puja. orang kelilng yg rapat jer yg boleh ketuk kepala pm dan main punggung pm serta menjeling kenyit mata dengan isteri pm. orang jauh tak boleh tapi sangat ramai yg membuat persepsi.

    org yg berada dikeliling pm sepatutnya tidak terlalu mencuba menaikkan pm dengan cepat seperti artis. TDM naik dan kekal popular dan dihormati serta disayangi sehingga sekarang kerana kerja yg dibuatnya. bukan mencari popular. yg cari popular tu artis. kalu nak popular, cepatlah jatuhnya. pemimpin disayangi kerana kerjanya. bukan sebagai santa yg memberi hadiah. kita pun tertanya bila pm bekerja kerana asyik pi merasmi majlis jer dan berfb.

    harap, pemimpin naik dan di`love' kerana kerja-kerja yang dilakukannya. bukan pemberian-pemberian. rakyat jadi gemuk dan manja, tapi tak pandai bersyukur dan berterima kasih serta membalas budi. sayang ni tak boleh dipaksa, ia datang sendiri bila melihat segala yg dibuat oleh pemimpin. harap para pembodek,pengampu yg ada atas kepala, bawah punggung lebih bertanggungjawab terhadap agama, bangsa dan negara.

  6. TSZ, saya amat kecewa dengan keputusan majistret yang menolak permohonan reman kepada tiga tahanan yang disyakki melakukan tindakan menghasut rakyat untuk mengguling kerajaan sedia ada yang dipilih rakyat secara majoriti. Saya mendapati bahawa undang-undang yang ada di negara ini hanya melibatkan segelintir rakyat sahaja sedangkan yang lain akan terlepas. Seringkali kita lihat rakyat yang nyata melanggar undang-undang akan dibela tetapi ada pula yang sebaliknya. Perkembangan ini tidak sihat kepada negara kita Malaysia dan juga generasi akan datang. Apa yang akan terjadi dimasa akan datang jikalau semua jenayah akan dibela?

  7. Sangat setuju sebab anda telah luahkan apa yg saya fikirkan. Sekrg timbul pulak nak bn satu parti...bukan kah ini kerja gila namanya..lebih baik hantar rombongan meminang PAS ada jgk faedahnya


  9. Pak Zam

    Saya silent majority, pada saya, selepas 4 tahun Najib berada di Pejabat Perdana Menteri, beliau seorang yang lemah dan tidak cekap dalam menangani isu politik dan musuh politiknya. Orang yang lemah tidak boleh memimpin, dan jika tidak boleh memimpin turunlah sebelum diturunkan oleh majoriti.

    Najib terlalu terperangkap dalam nolsatagia bapanya yang membawa kepada perubahan politik selepas 13 mei, tetapi ini bukan masanya, musuh politik zaman bapanya dan musuh politik pada masanya adalah berbeza dari segi strategi dan ideologi.

    Najib terlalu terbawa-bawa dengan konsep satu Malaysia tetapi kaum cina tidak membeli idea itu, dan akhirnya beliau tertipu hidup-hidup dan ini adalah satu yang malang kepada seorang perdana menteri.

    Kabinet Najib terutama mengangkat Waythamorty yang mengepalai parti haram iaitu Hindraf, mengangkat Presiden TI sebenarnya cuba membeli kesederhanaan, tetapi pada saya satu tindakan paling bodoh membawa masuk musuh dan ini bukan lagi menjadi musuh dalam selimut, musuh yang akan membawa kudis dan nanah kepada kabinet najib. Kenapa tidak diangkat lebih ramai menteri daripada Sabah dan Sarawak ? Najib seorang yang cukup gagal dalam meletakkan rencah ubatan terbaik dalam kerajaan untuk 5 tahun.

    Najib terlalu naif dan lemah dalam menangani keutamaan rakyat yang cintakan keamanan, menjual ISA kerana mendengar laungan musuh politiknya , dia diketawakan didalam PRU 13. Najib adalah pemimpin yang perlu turun secara terhormat. Beliau tidak mampu mengepalai negara dan BN untuk 5 tahun lagi, PRU 14 adalah tempatnya BN akan duduk dikerusi pembangkang.

    Beliau gagal melihat betapa pembangkang telah menggunakan kelemahannya menangani politik negara, isu perkauman bermaharajalela oleh DAP,fitnah dari PKR tidak ditangani secara undang-undang, beliau syok sendiri dalam slogan 1 Malaysia yang hanya didokong oleh penyokong BN, dan Rosmah pula terlampau menonjol seolah-olah beliau adalah ahli politik , ini sangat memualkan, beliau gagal bertindak seperti Tun Mahathir yang faham , negara ini tidak boleh terlalu bebas memperkatakan sesuatu kerana negara ini mempunyai rakyat pelbagai bangsa, Tun Mahathir menggunakan undang-undang mengekalkan kestabilan politik, malah Singapura juga hingga kini meletakkan undang-undang melebihi kebebasan bersuara. Inilah kebodohan Najib yang lebih naif daripada Tun Abdullah. Beliau mewarisi kelemahan pentadbiran Tun Abdullah.

    Zahid Hamidi yang menjadi menteri KDN memberikan nafas kelegaan kepada pencinta keamanan, beliau meletakkan undang-undang dan menguatkuasakannya, dan ini telah memberikan keyakinan Zahid Hamidi lebih berwibawa daripada Najib sendiri, tanpa melaungkan slogan retorik 1 Malaysia, beliau meletakkan kepentingan undang-undang dan menjadikan undang-undang sebagai langkah pertama menolak keganasan.

    Najib perlu melihat, beliau adalah kini liabiliti kepada BN, beliau gagal melaksanakan pembaharuan politik dan beliau perlu turun daripada jawatan Perdana Menteri dan memberi laluan kepada Timbalannya menerajui negara. Saya tidak mempunyai secebis keyakinan lagi terhadap Najib.

    Pak Zam,

    anda lebih dekat kepada PM, lontarkan luahan isi hati ini yang mungkin mewakili silent majority, sesungguhnya Najib perlu bertegas dan berubah atau Umno akan merubahnya secara drastik.

    1. Komen yg sgt bernas
      Mewakili suara sy sbg org atas pagar
      Dan sy percaya ramai yg berkongsi pendapat yg sama

      Apa yg diharapkan pada PM yg asyik play-safe
      Buat keputusan x berani
      Nk tegakkan undang2 pun x berani
      Malah nk suruh isteri supaya lay-down pun x berani
      Apa punya PM la mcm ni
      Dia hanyut dlm dunia 1Malaysia nya

      Saat2 mcm ni
      Aku rindukan pimpinan Tun Dr Mahathir
      Tegas, jelas, dia tahu apa yg dia buat

      - PRU13 ateh pago

  10. Apa yang sedang berlaku didepan mata kita semua ini melalui tindak tanduk para pemegang amanah yang diamanahkan kuasa ialah mereka telah melakukan mockery terhadap undang-undang negara! Apalah sangat kompleksnya seksyen 117 itu, saya nak tanya kepada majistret yg perasan hebat tu? Najib gagal! Nazri Aziz gagal! Gani Patail gagal! Hal keselamatan negara bukannya perkara main main! Mentadbir kerajaan bukn perkara main main. Ada faham ka!

    --silent majority

  11. Salam Tan Sri....masa ini masa terbaik untok DS Najib buat ' revision of his reading of Malaysian and Malay politics ' kerana dua2 nya berbeza di pandang dari sudut apa pun..ekonomi,security,educ- tion,sosial....tak salah menghidupkan semula und- ang2 yg mengandongi elemen2 prevention.

  12. Pemuda UMNO Shah Alam25 May 2013 at 15:42

    I hope UMNO member, especially those who are eligible to vote in the next assembly, to remind themselves of this:

    PENAKUT tidak layak jadi Presiden UMNO

    Jadi siapakah yang dimaksudkan itu?

    PENAKUT dengan bini sendiri,
    PENAKUT dengan Dong Zhong,
    PENAKUT berdebat dengan Anwar Ibrahim,
    PENAKUT untuk berlawan dengan Ambiga Pariah,
    PENAKUT untuk membuat keputusan-keputusan berani.

    It is high time for UMNO to stop elevate the sons of previous Prime Ministers as the leaders of UMNO.

    These aristocrats are used to living an easy life and akibatnya semua anak-anak orang kaya ini jadi pemimpin penakut.

    We need street politician to lead the party - a politician with no fear to say truthful (and hurtful) words to reclaim the confidence of the Malays.

    People are not stupid. There is already a plan to 'arrange' the passing-of-batons within UMNO:

    After Najib, it will be Hishamuddin Hussein, then it will be Mukhriz, then it will be Khairy.
    UMNO mesti hapuskan sistem feudalism dan aristocracy. Kalau ahli-ahli parti dah meluat, bagaimana nak menang PRU-14?

    1. Salam Tan Sri....fierce words from Pem.UMNO S.A....BUT WORDS THAT HIT YOUR CONSCIENCE....AND AGITATES YOU INTO SOME SOUL SEARCHING...semua ahli UMNO mesti baca komen ini dgn. hati terbuka...tq

    2. Saya kata awak penipu sebab awak bkn pemuda umno shah awak nampak terlalu pkr

    3. Umno Seksyen 9 Shah Alam26 May 2013 at 16:29

      Orang berotak kolot macam awaklah yang menyebabkan umno masih berfikiran di takuk lama dan tidak akan menarik sokongan Gen-Y. Sedarkah ramai ahli umno sendiri memangkah parti pembangkang? Lebih baik jadi penipu daripada jadi jahil tak sedar diri merosakkan parti dengan menyokong kepimpinan pondan penakut Najib Razak.

  13. Hang Jebat.Melaka25 May 2013 at 15:54

    Jika CEO AirAsia tidak teringkir kerana Najib takutkan Kalimullah maka Najib akan mengetahui nasibnya pada perhimponan Agung UMNO akan datang,
    Jika tidak kerana Utusan Malaysia yang bersuara berani,UMNO pun dah tak ada lagi,Kedah tidak akan dapat balik dan Najib sendiri pun belum tentu menang.

    Kita tengoklah.

  14. Hang Jebat.Melaka25 May 2013 at 15:55

    Jika Najib tak berani buang CDEO AirAsia,kita buang dia pada perhimpunan Agung UMNO akan datang. Barangkali sekarang politiknya memerlukan pertulongan Kalimullah.

    Seluruh ahli UMNO dan bahagian bahagian UMNO ambil perhatian. Tanpa Utusan Malaysia yang dicaci oleh CEO Asia dan Kalimullah ,mungkin Kedah pun tak dapat balik pada BN, dan banyak calon UMNO termasuk Najib sendiri tertungging.Najib

  15. Salam TSZ,
    Siapakah mereka2 yg layak menggantikan DSN?
    Jika ada, DSN perlu didesak untuk mengundurkan diri dgn terhormat.
    UMNO diberikan amanah yg cukup besar utk melindungi agama Islam dan org Melayu. Tolonglah laksanakan amanah yg diberikan tanpa rasa takut.



    United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) wajib ditukar kepada
    United MUSLIMs National Organisation (UMNO).

    Insya Allah
    UMNO baru akan aman dan dirahmati oleh Allah.
    Percayalah Allah Maha Kuasa dan Allah Maha Bijaksana

    1. Salam Tan Sri.....setuju dgn ISTANA BUNIAN 25Mei1735... mungkin juga ,kita tafsirkan,...U = perpaduan UMMAH, M = keuto han MELAYU , N = berjiwa NASIONALIMA , O =meredah ONAK dan duri,demi bangsa,ugama dan negara......tq.

    2. wadooh..wadohhh
      Pemikiran istana bunian merentasi masa depan.
      Sepatutnya bumi Malaysia sudah diISLAHkan oleh UMNO.
      Malaysia patut mengamalkan konsep dakwah yang sebenar iaitu menyeru manusia mentaati perintah Allah. Menyeru manusia kepada jalan yang sebenar.
      Jika rakyat Malaysia semuannya MUSLIM, sesiapun tidak akan cemburu, sesiapun tidak akan iri-hati. Yang kaya sudah ketentuan Allah, begitu juga yang miskin, semuannya dari ALLAH.

    3. United MUSLIMs National Organisation (UMNO)

      tunggu apa lagi.
      Nama UMNO baru sudah kita jumpa.
      Tan Sri boleh cadangkan nama baru bagi UMNO kepada barisan kabinet baru Najib.

      Insya Allah, Malaysia sentiasa disanjung oleh golongan agamawan, koperat, artis, ilmuan, malah masyarakat dunia akan kagum dengan perjuangan UMNO baru ini.

      hidup Islam.


  17. Najib has NO BALLS and he should go.

    And yes, his wife Rosmah Mansor is a bloody eyesore. Please get lost. Yes, you and your bloody Hermes-Prada-Bulgari handbags.

    So PM Najib, for the sake of UMNO's survival, you should go.
    You don't understand me? Let me say again, YOU SHOULD GO.

    Muhyiddin or Zahid or Ali Rustam should go for presidency. We want a true MAN with BALLS to lead the party.

  18. MALANGNYA... perjuangan asal umno ditolak, kenapa jadi begini, kembalikan pada adat melayu, bersendikan syarak, syarak bersendikan kitabullah

    susun kembali saf perjuangan dr peringkat cawangan sampai ke pusat, masa ada 4 tahun 11 bulan dr skang...jangan singkir tolak profesional melayu yang nak bantu umno dengan percuma, ramai mereka contohnya buat blog , fb page sendiri dengan free perjuangakan umno dalam dunia cyber

  19. Setuju dengan Gelang Patah/United 1 Brothers/Istana Bunian/Hang Jebat Melaka/Pemuda Umno Shah Alam/Amir dan semua Anon diatas dan pengkomen yang bersuara senada serentak dengan pengkomen2 disini...saya mengharapkan sangat agar PM Najib mendengar dan meneliti lalu faham lantas bertindak dengan sewajarnya mengambilkira pandangan2 kami orang diluar kotak con-sultans anda.

    Akhir kalam, saya mintaklah agar isteri tersayang PM Najib itu berkorban jiwa dan raga untuk mendokong dan menyokong suaminya dan juga parti UMNO dengan sejujur dan seikhlasnya, melalui tindak tanduk beliau serta penampilan beliau iaitu mulailah dengan merendah diri melalui pakaian anda - tutuplah aurat, pakailah tudung kepala seperti Pemaisuri Agung - buatlah demi agama bangsa dan negara. Sekurang2nya penat lelah orang akar umbi UMNO dibalas. Penat dan letih orang akar umbi UMno menepis dan membela kamu wahai Kak Ros. Tolonglah, berkorbanlah sedikit. Dah habis cakap dah ni...

  20. Saya berpendapat Dato' Seri Mohd Najib masih orangnya untuk menerajui negara ini ke arah yang lebih gemilang. Dia akan mempelajari kesilapan lalu seperti menghapuskan AUKU, ISA dan akta mesin cetak. Dia akan memperbaiki kelemahan yang ternyata kini terutamanya kesukaran untuk pihak AG dan polis membuat pendakwaan kepada perusuh jalanan. Saya masih menganggapnya he is still the best for this nation.

    1. Macam kata Tun Daim lah: `Penasihat penasihat Najib harus di buang/sack for employing wrong strategies`. Cina baru yang bernama AH JIB GOR ini juga harus dibuang kerana melakukan kesilapan kerana menghapuskan AUKU,ISA dan akta mesin cetak yang hampir menghancurkan negara dari segi keselamatan dan keamanan.

      Rakyat seperti aku kini hari hari bertanya: `Apa lagi yang Najib mahu dari mata sepet?`

  21. Saudara Zam bole advise email address. Ada perkara yang hendak di kongsi bersama tanpa memlalui blog.Harap dapat kerjasama. T. Kasih.

  22. TS, pada pendapat saya, penggantian ISA kepada SOSMA bukanlah sesuatu yg salah. In fact, itu sesuatu yg harus dipuji kerani negara kita amat berani untuk mempraktikkan dasar demokrasi yg lebih terbuka berbanding dengan negara2 asia lain termasuk singapura sendiri.

    Walau bagaimanapun, everything comes with a price. Price nya ialah ada orang2 kita yg perangainya ibarat 'beruk dapat bunga', especially kalau pertama kali dapat. Dalam perkara ini, apabila ISA baru dimansuhkan, ada sesetengah pihak terus merasakan mereka bebas bercakap apa sahaja dan membuat tindakan sesuka hati, seperti negara ini bapak mereka yg punya. Sepatutnya, apabila ISA dimansuhkan dan digantikan dengan akta lain, satu 'transition process and period' sepatutnya dijalankan untuk memastikan tiada pihak yg mengambil kesempatan untuk menyalahgunakan peluang ini, sehinggalah kita yakin bahawa orang2 kita memahami konsep demokrasi yg lebih terbuka dan mempraktikkannya tanpa melnggar undang2, professional serta selari dengan budaya kita.

    Pihak kementerian dan pihak berkuasa sepatutnya terus membuat pemantauan dan tindakan yg serious dari peringkat awal lagi apabila ISA dimansuhkan. Seperti yg saya sebutkan, ada Orang2 kita ini yg kalahkan beruk dapat bunga. Mereka terus anggap demokrasi ini ibarat bebas tanpa batasan. Malah, tanpa segan silu, Demokrasi murahan ini turut diajarkan kepada penyokong2 dan golongan2 yg mudah terpengaruh.

    Itu lah sebabnya kita terasa sekarang seolah2 pemansuhan ISA ini satu kesilapan. Keputusan itu pada saya bukan kesilapan. Kesilapannya ialah orang2 tidak matang ini yg suka mengambil kesempatan ke arah keburukan. KDN, polis dan pihak berkuasa seharusnya lebih dan sgt lebih tegas lagi dengan golongan ini dr awal2 lagi. Org2 ini harus 'dilempang' dengan pemantauan dan tindakan yg serious dr awal ISA dimansuhkan lagi untuk 'mengajar' mereka yg demokrasi yg lebih terbuka bukan bermaksud demokrasi kurang ajar dan demokrasi murahan. Kita lihat sekarang mereka tidak berasa bersalah langsung membuat apa2 keslahan. Mereka juga merasakan seolah2 tiada tindakan boleh diambil terhadap mereka, especially the so called 'lawmakers' drpd pihak pembangkang. Mereka sentiasa meloloskan diri dan pihak mereka drpd kesalahan dengan alasan 'demokrasi' dan 'hak asasi'.

    Pak Najib and gang dan juga pemimpin2 pro kerajaan, it is time to be firmer and fierce with action. kita mahukan pemimpin yg cergas, bijak, berani dan tindak gentar utk bersuara dan melaksanakan tindakan berdasarkan undang2. You dont have to please certain group of people because at the end of the day, you are not able to please everyone. Do the best for the country and people, especially your voters for the sake of peace and harmony. Insyaallah, yg lain2 akan nampak kebaikan dan menghargainya.

    Tahniah Dato Zahid and IGP baharu, anda berdua nampak tegas melaksanakan kerja setakat ini. Jgn dibiarkan ada org mengejek 'menteri amaran sahaja'. Apa2 pun, saya lebih sukakan dato zahid drpd hishamuddin memegang KDN. Sebenarnya, lebih baik Hishamuddin tiada langsung dlm kabinet baru ini.

    Cuma saya masih kurang jelas lagi. Pemahaman saya selama ini, jika ada pihak ingin membuat perhimpunan tetapi tidak mendapat kebenaran (tidak mengikuti syarat dan dikira haram jika diteruskan) dan masih meneruskan juga, pihak berkuasa akan menahan penganjur sebelum perhimpunan bermula dan menyuruh peserta2 yg sudah hadir untuk bersurai segera. Itulah sekurang2nya. Kalau dilihatkan, perhimpunan di Amcorp semlm masih diteruskan juga walaupun dikatakan haram dan sudah diberi amaran. Mungkin pemahaman saya salah selama ini kerana SOP nya berbeza drpd apa yg difikirkan?



  23. Salam Tan Sri,

    I agree with everybody else that Najib should go.
    I myself couldnt bear having stupid and gullible and ignorant
    leader like Najib,
    His wife also is a eye sores.

    He simply got played out by the chinese.
    Now is retribution time.
    He cant go and lick chinese balls some more.

    I agree that Najib di tukar dalam PAU akan datang.

    1 more question. Why no one suggesting Tan Sri Muhyiddin replace
    Najib? He is good what? Anything wrong with him?