Monday, 1 April 2013


By Tan Malaka


Mendiang James Puthucheary
This deviant socialist and rascal Lim Kit Siang sees Mahathir’s achievements not from his efforts to provide for racial economic balance and Malaysia’s modernization to be shared with the Chinese, but what he sees is only in terms of Mahathir building self-esteem among the Malays to compete with the Chinese. LKS cannot accept this.

The Chinese was born with an old history and civilization with high competitiveness, but Mahathir sees the Malays with traditional mentality, closed, giving priority to negative religious teachings (eating magic dates and raisins and drinking magic water  can help pass examinations and etc)

Hence, monuments are built to build the confidence of the Malays that they can go to space, build higher building than Singapore, produce their own car, hold the F1 earlier than Singapore and gives the Malays a step ahead. Is it wrong for them to be able to compete in future?.

Before, Lim looked down on doctors who graduated from UKM, but now there are many Chinese doctors who graduated from UKM are employed in Singapore.

Before, prior to May 13, the Malays can easily set fire to a Chinese house or car because they have no property in Kuala Lumpur or in the towns, but now they will not burn down Kit Siang’s house, possibly because the neighbouring house belongs to a Malay. This is an example.  But the unfairness Kit Siang sees in NEP, infact blowing out of proportion the unfair distribution among the Malays. How many poor Malay children who are educated have become professionals, infact controlling financial  institutions, GLC, capable of handling  universities, IT and ect.

LKS socialism is more akin to the Chinese chauvinism and not to social justice or fair economic sharing. He should learn from the late Marxist James Puthucheary who had helped formulate NEP(Pls read No Cowardly Past, Fajar Generation and The Reluctant Politicion Tun Dr Ismail)    and not to reflect himself as a Chinese rascal.

In a Malaysian society which is becoming more learned, LKS befriends the outdated ulama who teaches religion as opium and Malay leaders without moral. Socialists and religious  they are, but those who  are lost and are rascals.


  1. Salam Tan the commencing years of UKM,either it was the late Dr.Tan Chee Koon or Mr. Lim Kit Siang ( correct me,please ),who said..' What ? an entire University to produce ustads or religeous teachers ? The task of building a progressive Malaysia is an uphill venture ,what with political bodies fond of demonising govt/BN policies and programmes,antagonising the Malays whilst pacifying the Chinese and Indians.Yet there is one or more bodies which politicise every issue on the Malaysian soil,kowtows to the West and remains recalcitrant,by nature !

  2. Lim Chin Seong.1 April 2013 at 22:41

    On James contribution to the NEP, I like to quote from Samad Ismail article in No Cowardly Past pg 60 " As a national leader, Tun Razak was never a man who closed his mind to new trends of thought and ideas from any quater.James was among those intellectuals whom Tun Razak and Tun Ismail would invite for an exchage of ideas on political and economic issues.

    "James strongly advocated goverment intervention as a strategy to restructure the economy of the country to adress Malay backwardsess and uplift them for a fairer distribution of wealth among the races. Malay economic backwardness had alwas been James's concern".

    What is the Lim Kit Siang concern? Protecting corrupted DAP anad PKR leaders. His priority was protecting a chinese boy who comitted suicide because of his involvement with a corrupted DAP politician and projected him as being killed by SPRM.This s a kind of social justice understood by DAP.

    LKS is a sosialist but an a infidel sosialist