Thursday, 4 April 2013

Here is a montage of UMNO leaders over the years. So far UMNO has had seven leaders (counting Dato Onn Jaafar) since 1946 - an average of 9.5 years per leader. 

In the past 10 years alone (2003 - 2013) we have had three Prime Ministers - Dr Mahathir retired gracefully and peacefully in 2003, Badawi was kicked out in 2009 and Najib stepped in seamlessly.

Compare this with Lim Kit Siang's total stranglehold over the DAP for the past 49 years and Nik Aziz holding supreme over PAS for the 23 years.  Dr Mahathir retired after 22 years. Nik Aziz said he would retire when Dr Mahathir retired.  It has now been 10 long years since Dr Mahathir retired. Nik Aziz is still standing for elections.

Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz will stand for elections until they drop dead. 

But to all you Pakatan dunggus please dont worry. They have nurtured their family members to take over from them. Dont believe me?  Lets see here.

These are the various Family Business registrations. Sendirian & berhad..

This is the First Family D'Lewati

These are the founders and their heirs. Orang lain tak ada chan..

To all the Pakatan dunggus, here is a serious question. Say one day one of you woke up and felt the urge to become leader of the Pakatan (whether DAP, PAS or PKR). Do you think you will be given preference over Nurul Izzah, Lim Guan Eng or Nik Abduh? You must be quite delirious if you think you have a chance. Its a family business.


  1. Terkini Tan Sri,

    Nik Aziz 83 tahun bertembung tiga penjuru dengan Tok Mon 94 ada di blog jokiden.

    Tok Mon telah ke SPR tadi ambil borang untuk bertanding.

    Mendidih darah Nik Aziz sebab tak dapat pegang rekod calon tertua.. Hahahaha...

  2. Tuan,

    Kalau dua lapis (dua generasi) masih boleh diterima tetapi kalau sampai 3 lapis (3 generasi) atau berlapis-lapis, rasa-rasanya ia bukan saja penghinaan terhadap demokrasi malah dalam mana-mana sistem teokrasi hal berkenaan jarang-jarang berlaku.Mungkin ini satu rekod dunia?

    Atas Pagar

  3. mca dah tukar byk juga. mic pun dah 4 kali tukar.

  4. zulfahmi menantu nik aziz should also be included in the nepotism empayar

  5. Salam Tan Sri.....the heirs to the political thrones will carry out the present duties and functons such as ( 1 ) demonise UMNO,BN,TV3 and UTUSAN MALAYSIA ( 2 ) antagonise MALAYS AND MUSLIMS ( 3 ) pacify the CHINESE FIRST...or ( 4 ) politicise EVERY ISSUE ARISING ON MALAYSIAN SOIL ( 5 ) kowtow TO THE WEST ( 6 ) rebukes BN POLICIES or ( 7 ) publish WEIRD RELIGEOUS EDICTS ( 8 ) annoys FELLOW MUSLIMS and MUSLIMATS ( 9 ) snubs AT UMNO HAND OF FRIENDSHIP... macam ni bila nak aman ?......tq