Thursday, 22 November 2012


HarakahDaily tried to hide the wish of Pas
members for Haji Hadi to be the Prime
Minister of Malaysia by highlighting on his
readiness to be back as fisherman (See the
caption in Harakahdaily) 
An article by an observer from Singapore at the Pas assembly, Dr Briget Welsh, Associate,  Professor of Political Science at Singapore Management University gives a clear picture of the internal problems in Pas (See Lim Kit Siang for Malaysia).

He mentioned the Pas Youth wing as the protégé to the Old Guard (ulama) which tis threatening the Pas progressive leadership and the dark forces waiting for an opportunity to seize back power. They are not certain if the progressive approach taken by the Pas new leadership will succeed.

He also focuses on the attacks by delegates against the party’s mouthpiece, Harakah, of being independent.

What is mentioned by Dr Briget reflects the real situation at the 53rd Pas Youth Assembly when the Pas Federal Territory Youth chief  Kamaruzzaman Mohamad criticizes  Harakah and its portal,  HarakahDaily for allegedly putting the party leaders at logger-heads and is supported by a delegate from Terengganu, Azman Ibrahim , who said  " Harakah as the voice which monitors the party is no longer relevant and has become otherwise, we have rendered our weapon less effective at a time when we are facing an election”.

The truth in this perception is clear when Harakah and Harakahdaily did not at all publish the wish of the Pas ulama and youth to have Haji Hadi as Prime Minister. Instead, Harakah tried to cover it by highlighting on Haji Hadi’s readiness to be a fisherman. In a situation where the grassroots wants Hadi as the PM, is it a wise move for Harakah to play it down?  

Haji Hadi has to defend  Harakah to show that he is still controls the paper, but his excuse in blaming the government is not relevant with the criticism raised because it has given room for destroyers of the party unity, Is this not what Harakah   is doing to Hadi by highlighting that he is only capable of becoming a fisherman. Hadi is an idiot if he himself is not sensitive to this political game.

Dr. Briget wrote" Some of the progressive have openly called for end to the ulama leadership of the parti". Is this not what is done by HarakahDaily? 

Hadi  seems to be struggling to cover his weaknesses as the top leadership. He is trapped between the ulama and the progressive and in this situation , one incident after another befell him prior to the Pas assembly with the challenge on pluralism by Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter, Nurul Izzah, abuse of Harakah and recently, the most serious, the K.O prayer seeking for the destruction of UMNO members.

This is done by Nik Aziz’s younger brother who represented the “obsess” in Pas, not to assist Hadi, but to  destroy Hadi’s image, reminding the people of Haji Hadi as the one who issued the edict that UMNO members are infidels,. Haji Hadi wants this image forgotten in his bid to portray himself as the Pas leader of the New Order, as a progressive leader.

Indeed the pressure facing Pas with the upcoming 13th general election does not come from outside, but within the party itself and from its allies in Pakatan, from statements on religious pluralism, abuse of Harakah and the K.O. K.O prayer, which possibly may bring Pas to K.O. K.O too.

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