Saturday, 20 October 2012


Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Alvin and Vivian do not feel the need to apologise because they are not bound by and religious beliefs or faith, traditional moral values and law. Instead, they believe in freedom. They are the diplomats to the borderless world.

From this video we can evaluate Alvin as a person who is intelligent, educated, able to express his thoughts clearly in good English, high level of self-confidence, know and believe in what he do. The reaction shows that many young people want to be with them in the New World Order which is in the making process.

Many more people like Alvin and Vivian are going to surface and making us realise more the dangers of the collapse and erosion in the values and belief among the young generation for religion, customs, personality and humanitarian.

In this matter, Muslims will see religion as a strong defence or barrier, without realising that fanaticism, obsolescence and addiction to religion could bring to the fall of Islam without they realising it.

In this matter, actually the collaboration between Pas (Parti Islam Setanah Melayu) and Anwar Ibrahim is more dangerous from Alvin and Vivan.

Pas has rejected the authentic sex scandal video clip, with the real witnesses by pushing aside logical thinking, technological sophistication and security evidence because of fanaticism, religious sentiment and political interest which bring the acceptance of Muslims to leadership with no moral and pluralism that in the end will no longer make Islam the religion of the ummah, especially the Malays in Malaysia.

Pas ulama or religious scholars separate themselves from pluralism, but reject logic on grounds that collaboration or conspiracy with leaders having this belief will be confusing to the followers and in the end will deviate Muslims in Malaysia from the true teachings of Islam.

Pas also helps in promoting the great acts of this street theatre player nationwide to convince Muslims that he is  not  the actor.

Actually, Anwar Ibrahim is more dangerous to the Muslim ummah because he is more effective in using the addiction or obsession of Muslims to religion, especially the Pas members into pluralism and globalisation which in the end will deviate Muslims in Malaysia.

With or without Pas realising, it is in Alvin and Vivian’s globalisation mission.


Psychiatrist Assoc Prof Dr Andrew Maharaj opines that Alvin and Vivian did so merely to seek attention, but is not suitable with the norms and values of the society.
A social media activist, Christopher Tock, said there was a possibility that Lee and Tan did  so after seeing other couples did it and they wanted to be part of the group.  Indeed, there is an attempt to break the culture taboo.
  A production manager, Joshua James,  26, said although the couple got the attention, they would face the implications should they break up because it would be a problem for them to get a new partner in future.

These opinions are taken from The Star newspaper today 19 October.


The Star today published the angry reaction of Vivian Lee’s father who threatened to castrate his daughter’s sex partner, Alvin Tan, a student of the National University of Singapore.
Stupid, disgraceful and selfish, he said.

Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, who has three teenage children, said what they did brought humiliation to their parents and raised questions on how they were brought up.

 MCA Complaints Bureau head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said their action brought shame to their families, relatives and friends. How are they going to face other people.

“It is so disgraceful that I do not even want to watch the video,” he added.


  1. I think many were no dicipline enough to their own pair of eyes.“you can choose not see if you want”. people is not controlable, every peoples can have thier own way to manage sex life and nothing so big deal like this couple.Don't mind to share in the real world many people do f… girl friend.. then wife …then girl friend repeated and again even the senior leader in Johore did that…lol. what so suprise? come on! this world no longer old age and to be fair… many thing has change….. this couples does not do anything wrong to the public..
    in fact, i would said that publics are actually care about the movie and not the "culture" as commented by most……they like to see by puting on blame so they can feel excuse for themselve. Human being.....stop blaming on the couples. enough! you should be proud of the couples because you will never dares like them in your entire life till you rest in peace.

  2. its making between man and just that they are not married...if i were the father of alvin i will be grateful for him to choose a women to fuck or make love and not MALE.....